AC Repair Tips

Air Conditioning Repair Atlanta

Air conditioning repair in Atlanta is important. Why? It is awfully hot and very humid during Georgia summers, and this heat and moisture take a heavy toll on air conditioning units that must be so active for so long to maintain home and building temperatures.

A refrigerant leak is a major issue in Air Conditioning Repair.

In fact, can you really think of anything more unpleasant than a down system in July or August? Air conditioning repairs and air conditioning tune-ups are of major importance. This year we are seeing a wide variety of problems in the service department. One major issue is a refrigerant leak. Symptoms include a unit that just can’t quite keep up, isn’t delivering air as cool as in the past and eventually ices up. When your AC unit ices up, you notice the outdoor unit running but no air is coming through the ductwork.

If you think your system has iced up, turn it off and call for Empire Heating and Air Conditioning at 404-294-0900 for service. Running a unit that is just a little low on refrigerant will cost you much more in operating costs and may well damage the unit.  Consider repairs for the health of your air conditioning system and to save you money on future energy bills. Also, you could avoid potentially bigger HVAC problems in the future.  It is far better to invest a small amount of money now, as opposed to larger payouts later, right? Of course.

Air Conditioning Repair Atlanta Advice – Better Sooner than Later

Again, it is always a smart idea to have air conditioning repairs done sooner as opposed to later.

In a short posting, we can’t go into much detail about the potential problems associated with air conditioner malfunctions. Your best move is to have regularly scheduled tune-ups and check-ups. However, when the unit actually does have inefficiencies, a call 404-294-0900 to Empire HVAC – Atlanta’s air conditioning repair specialist is a solid first step in the repair process.