American Standard Customer Care Dealer Means Satisfaction Guaranteed

AC System Replacements Decatur

Empire Heating & Air Conditioning strives to provide the best customer care, equipment, products, parts, and overall HVAC service in the metro Atlanta area including Decatur. In fact, the American Standard Customer Care Dealer process is ongoing in its philosophy, and concentrates specifically upon 5 key principles: being Reliable, Honest, and Reputable, while maintaining the highest possible level of customer satisfaction and expert service in the air conditioning and heating field.

Empire HVAC’s office in Decatur, Georgia services and meets all of your heating and air conditioning needs, adhering to the same strict principles that this company was founded on 28 years ago. We proudly and thankfully carry-on the name and tradition of American Standard in metro Atlanta, while always looking ahead to provide the best comfort and most reasonable pricing possible as an American Standard Customer Care Dealer.

What sets an American Standard Custom Care Dealer in metro Atlanta apart from the competition?

That’s easy to answer. This company and this dealership maintain a near-perfect customer satisfaction rate and customer referral rate. Each hovers at over 98%. You see, we are precise in what we do, and how we calculate your home’s exact needs.

In the process, Empire asks you questions, gathers information, and determines load calculations for your home.  Empire HVAC’s installation team then checks your ductwork, windows and doors, insulation, and sunlight range to put together a heating and air conditioning system specifically tailored to meet your unique wants and needs. One size does not fit all, from us.

New AC System Rebates Available

Currently, as an extra incentive, we are offering a large rebate to customers that purchase heating and air conditioning systems from us before June 30th, 2013. Some conditions and restrictions apply, but combined with federal energy tax credits, manufacturer rebates, and Georgia Power incentives, some plans earn you up to $2, 250.

Contact Empire Heating & Air Conditioning today before this great offer expires June 30, 2013.  Call Empire’s main office in Decatur at 404-294-0900.

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