Your Air Conditioning System and the Atlanta Heat Wave

Atlanta Heat Wave – Air Conditioning Response

The forecast for today is 105 degrees with a heat index of 110, with the next few days gradually getting just a bit better. What should you expect from your cooling system when the weather is extreme?

Atlanta air conditioning systems are typically designed to maintain a 75 degree indoor temperature when it’s 92 outside so if your indoor temperature is a bit warmer than you want in the afternoon on these really hot days don’t be alarmed, it means your system is sized properly. Your cooling should come back in line later in the day when the temperature outside drops.

I’m often asked why is it that air conditioners are sized this way and the reasoning is simple. The National Weather Service keeps data on the temperatures in each area of the country, referred to as BIN weather data, and systems are designed based on the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J that provides for proper conditioning for the maximum temperatures reached 97% of the time. If typical systems were designed for the extreme of 105 degrees, on a 90-degree day the humidity in your home would be unbearable and would create an environment for mold to grow. Your cooling system must run enough to dehumidify as well as cool.

If you entertain a lot in the summer months, or just cannot deal with the warmer temperatures, consider a two-speed air conditioning system. The two-speed type of system can be a bit oversized and not create indoor humidity issues because it will run in high speed for the hottest days and a lower speed on milder days. Two-speed operation is the best possible scenario to deliver the optimum temperature and humidity control for Atlanta homes.

Does your HVAC Need Repair during this Atlanta Heat Wave?

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