Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

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The fact is that air conditioning maintenance is important. This is especially true for Atlanta and in other areas with hot and often unpleasant spring and summer seasons. Don’t get caught unprepared.

Weather and climate appear to be in a warming pattern; the seasons are running together, and they are all warmer. Get ready now for the really hot summer season.  There is absolutely no-telling when you may need to run an air conditioning unit for a day or two, or perhaps longer.

Again, Atlanta weather changes rapidly. Therefore, it’s best to handle all routine air conditioning maintenance and major air conditioning repairs before the system is badly needed during summer. Does it make more sense for the unit to be down a few days for improvements in spring, or in the middle of July or August?

Normal routine maintenance may include adding R-22, cleaning ducts, tweaking the unit, replacing a motor, fan, fuse, or thermostat, or any number of other repairs that HVAC experts handle daily. It’s all a matter of efficiency and cost cutting for the long run. The better a unit is maintained, the better it functions, period.

Energy efficiency is the key. If an air conditioning unit is stalling, making noises, running too long, or having problems cooling or maintaining room temperatures, it is time to contact Empire Heating & Air Conditioning to check the system out. Why waste money and be uncomfortable at the same time?

A dollar spent today is often a dollar saved in the future. Yes, investing in solving minor air conditioning problems now might stop or prevent a much larger repair job in the future. That’s why it is recommended that you do not put-off problems with your unit, but rather deal with them the moment that they occur.

Empire Heating & Air Conditioning services all makes and models of air conditioning equipment.  Call Empire at 404-294-0900 if you need to schedule an air conditioning service appointment.  We are located in Decatur, GA which is just a few miles east of Atlanta.

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