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Heating services are still important even though the temperatures can vary greatly. Winter in Atlanta can either be desperately frigid or relatively mild with average temperatures in the sixties. Regardless of the outdoor temperature, it is still a good idea to make sure your furnace or heat pump has its regular heating service.

A thorough service of your heating system is affordable and well worth the investment. When your Empire certified technician arrives at your home, your furnace will smile knowing its refreshing service is finally here.

Empire Heating & Air Conditioning’s technician will carefully adjust and tune every part of your home’s heating system. He is equipped with a CO Angel and is checking for carbon monoxide during the complete service visit. The dust and debris of the year will be cleaned away and a new clean filter installed. The technician will then check all relays, temperature stats and switches to ensure they are clean, operating cool and have solid tight electrical connections on every post. The gas supply system will be tested and adjusted to ensure fresh warm heat flows from the heat exchanger as efficiently as possible.

Your Empire technician will monitor the system through full heating cycles ensuring that every part of your heating system is working with precision and ready to keep you warm during the cold temperatures this winter season.

For your heating service, contact Empire Heating & Air Conditioning at 404-294-0900. Our professional service is the best in the business, the best for your home’s heating and air conditioning system while being affordable. We service the metro Atlanta area in Georgia.

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