When Weather Changes Cause the use of both Heating & Air Conditioning

Atlanta HVAC Maintenance

So far this year, the metro Atlanta area has experienced wide swings in temperatures and weather.  One day you need the heating system to keep you warm and then the next day you need your air conditioning system to cool you.  The switching back and forth can cause strain on your home’s HVAC system.

Here are some recommendations on how you can stay comfortable during these transitional seasons in Atlanta.

1. Make sure your home’s HVAC system is receiving proper planned maintenance.

  • A HVAC system that receives regular service (heating tune-up in fall and air conditioning tune-up in spring) should not have any problems transitioning between heating and cooling. Unlike the ole days you don’t necessarily have to have your unit serviced before you turn it on as long as it has been receiving the proper planned maintenance.

2. Consider using your home’s HVAC thermostat auto changeover function.

  • The fan control has an auto setting for the blower to come on with a demand for heating or cooling or and “on” setting where the blower will run continuously and the heating or cooling will cycle as needed. Most programmable thermostats have heat-cool-off-auto for the system control, the auto for the system will allow you to pick a temperature and the heating will come on when it dips two degrees below and the cooling will come on when the space gets warmer

3. If you need an HVAC replacement, mild weather is an excellent time to consider a system upgrade.

  • You have two choices.
      • Choose the mild weather to replace your system.
      • Wait till your home’s HVAC system is broken beyond practical repair, which never seems to happen at a convenient time.
  • If you are on Empire Heating & Air Conditioning’s Planned Maintenance Program, our service technicians will keep you advised of when your system is approaching its typical life cycle.  Many units do run and perform well for years and years beyond the normal life cycle, especially those that are maintained well.

4. Seal Air Leaks

  • During transitional seasons, the wind can be quite blustery outside.  Finding and fixing air leaks can improve your home’s energy efficiency and help reduce drafts. If your curtains are blowing around when the windows are closed or you are seeing light around the doors when they are closed, it might be time for some weather-stripping, caulk, and insulation.

5. Watch for moisture.

  • As the storms that bring spring blow through, pay attention to ceiling walls and foundations. Once moisture finds a way in, it has a compounding effect on the damage it can cause. Sealing up a loose roofing shingle or caulking around that window is really inexpensive compared to the damages caused by rot and mildew. If you are fortunate enough to have some good-sized hardwood in your yard, pay attention to the gutters during a storm. When they get clogged the water spills over and can seep into fascia and soffit board and cause lots of problems.

Empire Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you with all your Atlanta HVAC Maintenance needs.  Call us at 404-294-0900 if you have any concerns.

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