Understanding how the heating and cooling system in your house works is part of responsible home ownership. As a reliable and long-time Atlanta HVAC company, we know that most major HVAC repairs entail skills and training that many homeowners do not have, but possessing a basic knowledge of how the various systems in your home work is not difficult. This understanding can give you the confidence to handle small maintenance tasks on your own. Likewise, it lets you know when problems are too big to solve by yourself and when it’s time to call us in.

Read on below for a quick and easy explanation of how your boiler works to keep you warm and toasty during cold weather.

Basic Definition

The boiler is part of the heating system of your house. It is an enclosed container with water or liquid. In order to heat your home, an external source of energy heats up the liquid in the boiler and distributes the steam or hot water throughout your house. To keep your house warm, a hot water heating system pumps actual hot water to the radiators in your house. A steam boiler, on the other hand, first turns the water into steam before distributing it.


Natural gas is the preferred fuel for home heating in America because it is economical and safe to use. In rural areas that are not serviced by a natural gas pipeline, propane tanks are used. In some areas of the Northeast, the use of heating oil is still common. Outside of this section of the country, however, oil-fired boilers are quite rare.


Many American homes today actually use a furnace to heat their homes and not a boiler. A furnace forces heated air (as opposed to water or steam) throughout the house to produce warmth. This system is typically cheaper to install but does not usually have a price advantage over boilers when it comes to regular maintenance costs. However, homeowners in colder areas of the country still prefer boilers because they can provide more heat.

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