Buy a Backup Generator Before It’s Too Late

As heating and air conditioning specialists, we offer a wide range of heating and central air conditioning services in the greater Atlanta area. We also carry top-rated HVAC appliances, including water heaters, heat pumps and backup generators. With a long and hard winter predicted for this year and the increasing frequency of “super storms, ” be prepared the next time the power unexpectedly goes off where you live by getting a backup generator.

How Much Power Do You Need?

Most households can survive on a mid-size portable generator (5, 000 to 6, 000 watts) during a blackout. This can easily power up to six household appliances, including your refrigerator (600 to 700 watts), a well pump (1, 000 watts) and even a small electric heater (1, 500 watts).

However, only you can determine how much power your household needs to survive during an outage. If your household includes very young children and teenagers, you may want to be able to turn on the television set and power up computers as well. A household with an infirm elderly or a chronically ill member may need extra power for critical medical devices.

The Transfer Panel

Also known as a transfer switch, this device allows you to plug a portable generator directly to your breaker box. This means the generator can supply power to any breaker you choose. It’s simply a matter of turning the breakers on or off. Without a transfer panel, you will need to run extension cords from the appliance you want to power to the generator.

Consider purchasing a transfer panel when you decide to buy a portable backup generator. A bunch of extension cords going in different directions during a power outage can be a potential safety hazard in your home.

Stationary Generator

Although more expensive than portable backup generators, a stationary generator is also more powerful (10, 000 watts and higher) and comes already equipped with a transfer panel. This means you can supply power to more household appliances, including major electricity consumers like air conditioners. Stationary generators can be set up to kick in automatically (after about a 20-second delay) whenever the power goes off.

For assistance with HVAC equipment replacement,  heating and air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance and a host of other essential HVAC services, call us. As a reliable and professional Atlanta HVAC company, you can count on us to work hard to provide you and your family or business a safe and efficient indoor environment.

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