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Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills This Summer

Posted by Empire Blog at 1:09 pm on March 27, 2017

Save Energy | Turn Up Thermostat

Summer is the season of fun and festivity along with family picnics and tons of outdoor activities. Despite summer being a great time, it is also a time of high temperatures and unfortunately, high energy bills. Let’s look at some simple tips to save you money during the scorching heat of summer.


Adjust Thermostat Settings


A major portion of your energy bills this summer are related to how often your air conditioner works. The lower you set it, the harder your AC unit must work to cool down your home. So, to save money on energy bills, try setting it has high as possible and still be comfortable. If you and your family are out of the house for work or school, set the thermostat even higher for even more savings.


Alternatively, consider a “smart” thermostat which can be programmed through WIFI even if you are away from home. This type of thermostat will also allow you set predetermined temperature set points based on time of day or date.


Use Fans


Instead of setting your AC unit’s temperature so low, consider using ceiling fans. This will allow you set the temperature a bit higher and still be comfortable. Also, your ceiling fan uses much less energy resulting in more savings. You can also consider various portable fans to use while working in different areas of your home.


Doors and Windows


Another way to save on energy bills this summer is to ensure your doors and windows are closed while the AC is running during the summer. Having the windows and doors open while its warm outside will make your unit harder than necessary. Alternatively, in cooler climates, some may want to open their windows at night before you going to bed.  Please note you would only want to do this outside of the really hot weather.  Opening windows at night can bring in excessive moisture that can make the unit work that much harder on high demand days.




Another important aspect of lowering your energy bills this summer involves maintaining your AC unit so that it operates efficiently. Make sure your AC unit, vents, and registers are free from dust and other debris. Clean your air filters or install new ones. In addition, call one of our service techs to perform internal maintenance on your AC unit so that it operates as efficiently as possible this summer.




Enjoying the summer while saving money on energy bills has never been easier with these tips. Remember to contact the experts on our team if you ever need help following these tips or if your AC unit needs maintenance work done. We are here to help you get more out of your AC unit.

Ways to Keep Air Cooler In Your Home This Summer

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:25 pm on March 14, 2017

keep air cool in home this summerRecently, warmer than usual temperatures have been reported on the news. Though this gives much needed relief from ice cold temperatures, it could also mean higher temperatures during the summer and much higher cooling costs if you are not prepared. So, let’s get ahead of the curve by following these tips to keep more cool air in your home and thus more money in your pocketbook.

Blinds and Shades

When sunlight passes through your windows, it acts to heat up your floors and your home if the blinds are open. During the summer months keeping blinds and shades open is a bad idea. Whenever possible, keep them closed to help keep more the hot sun from heating your home from the outside in and thus preventing your AC unit from working needlessly. Besides keeping blinds closed, take a look at installing drapes and curtains to as well.


Consider planting some trees, especially in areas near windows. When fully grown and bloomed during the summers, the tree will act to block sunlight. As a result, your AC unit won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool in certain parts which also helps lower your energy bills.

Indoor Plants

Besides planting trees outside, try putting plants inside your home as well. Plants are well-known to produce oxygen and absorb sunlight thus creating more humidity and reducing overall temperatures inside your home.

Attic Fans

When sunlight hits your roof, the air inside your attic tends to get warmer. Eventually, your home will get warmer as more warm air gets trapped inside your attic. Installing attic fans help to remove the warm air thus helping to cool down your home without extra help from your AC unit. Consult with professionals and experienced installers before attempting to install attic fans.


As your home gets older, it tends to have more leaks thus creating more opportunities for cool air to escape. Before the summer hits, check all your doors and windows and see if they are properly sealed. Next, check your ducts and vents and make sure they are sealed as well. Have one of our professionals come out to help you inspect and properly seal ducts.

Also, have your AC unit inspected by one of our team members to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.


Keeping your home cool is easier than you think with these tips. To inspect for leaks and the unit itself, our team of licensed professionals can help. These suggestions will not only help you save your hard-earned money, they will also help you enjoy the upcoming fun of summer!

When to Have Your AC System Checked This Year

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:14 pm on March 8, 2017

air conditioning check early springAfter a week of beautiful days, balmy evenings, and cool nights, it can be easy to fall into a lull before the pollen-covered cars and the eventual blistering heat of summer. Many households are opting to leave their windows open during the evenings, and only running their air conditioners at night. Due to the recent heat, however, our typical spring flowers are beginning to bloom much earlier than normal. While the weather has been enjoyable this ‘winter’, your air conditioning system may have lost a step with the strange demand changes from its usual usage, and that may be leaving your family at risk.

Microscopic particles are constantly flying around, and every time you sit on the couch, fluff a pillow, wipe off a counter or even scratch your head, more and more of them get into the air. Add the new pollen outburst, and you’ve got a perfect storm for allergies to affect your home. Regardless of the age of your air conditioner, it is important to have a technician come out and check on the unit twice a year to ensure optimal output and energy consumption. Now is the perfect time for you to have your air conditioner checked by an experienced, NATE certified professional for two reasons:

  1. You will have the peace of mind and a certified technician’s approval of your units’ current output and efficiency.
  2. If the worst happens and there is a problem, the certified technicians from Empire will give you a diagnosis and possible solutions quickly and accurately.

All of this, while being backed by Empire’s stellar customer service staff and optional Planned Maintenance Agreement, which can save you 20% on labor costs on any future problems, as well as having our certified technicians come out twice a year to ensure your system is running at optimal efficiency. If you are on the other end of the spectrum, however, and know your air conditioning system is on its last leg already, now is the best time to call and have our Comfort Specialist come out and give you a free estimate on a new system that is perfect for you and your home.

While allowing a stranger to come into your home may make some people uneasy, Empire has consistently been praised as ‘compassionate’, ‘professional’, and ‘friendly’. At Empire, we don’t view our patrons as customers, but rather as an extension of our family. Because of this, every one of our customers gets the best quality service every time. We look forward to making your family part of our own!

What to Do if You Are Experiencing a Refrigerant Leak

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:30 pm on August 5, 2015

refrigerant leak

Now that the weather is getting hotter, air conditioners will be running full blast. More often than not, these air conditioners have refrigerant leaks, which can cause some damage to your air conditioner and increase your electricity bill. Low levels of refrigerant put more stress on your compressor, which can lead to damage in most parts of the compressor. This can lead to costly repair bills, which is why you should have your air conditioner checked for leaks at least once a year. (more…)

A Look at the Impact of Air Conditioning on Modern America

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:28 pm on July 21, 2015

Air Conditioning Impact on America

Air-conditioning is a part of modern life that most of us take for granted – but without it, we’d be spending a lot more time outdoors and fending off the heat and biting insects that come with summertime in most regions. How has air conditioning changed the way we live, where we shop and how we work and play? (more…)

Empire HVAC Explains: Why Does My Air Conditioning Smell?

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:39 pm on July 16, 2015

Air Conditioning Smells

If you’ve been experiencing a smell coming from your air conditioning system, it’s time to look for HVAC repair specialists. If your air conditioning smells, identifying the cause of the smell is important. With HVAC repair in Atlanta, it’s possible to find out what’s causing the smell and have this problem repaired. (more…)

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