Should I Close My Unused Vents?

air ductEveryone’s always looking for tips and tricks to save money on heating and cooling their home. At Empire, we hear this question all the time:

“Does it save money to close the air vents in rooms I don’t use?”

It makes sense, in theory. Closing vents should just lessen the amount of heated air your furnace has to pump into your home, right? It’s like cutting square footage off your house! Well, not exactly.

How Your HVAC System Works

Professional HVAC installers put in new systems so that they’re balanced. Your ductwork should be sized so that the air in equals the air out. When you shut vents in your home, you’re throwing off that balance.

Why You Shouldn’t Close Your Vents

Why is it a bad idea to close your vents? Closed vents can cause pressure to build in your ducts. This pressure can cause small leaks to build, leaking heated air into parts of your home you don’t want to pay to heat (like your attic!) This pressure buildup means you have to work harder to distribute heated air throughout your home. Your furnace has to work harder to heat the same amount of space.

What’s the Lesson?

Leave your vents open! Ultimately, your whole system will work more efficiently (and save you more money) if all your vents are free and flowing. And if you still think your energy bills are too high? Contact Empire Heating & Air Conditioning! We’re happy to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your entire heating system…it might be time for a tune-up.

An efficient HVAC saves you money, saves you energy, and gives you peace of mind.
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