Help – I’m Sweating or Freezing!

One of the common complaints we hear from customers is un-even temperature between rooms inside their homes. For some customers, they have to raise the thermostat in order to keep their children’s rooms warm at night and this results in sweltering temperatures in their own bedrooms. For others it’s just the opposite, in order to keep their kids from burning up, it’s freezing in their own rooms.

We have even heard of parents opening windows in the master bedroom during the winter just so they could sleep and keep their kids warm. Others have reported closing off air supply registers in hotter rooms. Closing off supply registers can actually damage your home’s heating system if too much airflow is restricted.

The good news is that there is a very affordable solution that will keep you from letting that expensive heat fly out the window or damaging your HVAC system. The solution is a whole home zone system for your heating and cooling system.

A zone system allows for individual room temperature control from one central heating and cooling system. Typically a home’s heating and air conditioning system is controlled by one thermostat. When that thermostat calls for heating, there is no way to control the temperature in each room and the system will run until the area around the thermostat reaches the set temperature. This results in rooms that are too hot and rooms that are too cold.

A zone system uses a series of thermostats, motorized dampers and bypass systems to allow room-by-room temperature control without wasting heating dollars or causing system damage. The benefits of system zoning are enhanced comfort and energy savings.

Enhanced Comfort – If you have a multi-level home, you know it’s almost impossible to control the temperature on the second floor when the thermostat is on the first floor. A zone system solves this problem by offering complete multi-level temperature control. If you have hot or cold rooms, a zone system will solve this problem by offering complete room-by-room temperature control.

Energy Savings – A zone system increases the efficiency of your heating system by providing heating only where it’s needed. Some zoning systems can provide 20-30% savings in heating energy costs.

A good analogy of a whole house zone system is to compare the use of heating with the use of lighting. What if your house had only one light switch? Every time you flipped on the switch every light in your house would come on. The same holds true for heating. One thermostat heating the entire house when only one room needs it wastes energy and reduces comfort. Just imagine the comfort of room-to-room precision heating control through the use of a thermostat in each room.

The best part of a zone system is that you can have as few as two zones and up to as many as you need. We can place your children’s bedroom on one zone, your bedroom on one zone and the rest of the house on another zone or we install a separate zone for every room in your home. The design combinations are endless.

To begin enjoying the comforts and savings of a whole house zoning system, call Empire HVAC today at 404-294-0900. One of our technicians will come out, perform a heating comfort survey and determine if a zoning system will help solve your home’s heating problems.  You can also request an appointment online.

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