Decatur Heating Repair

decatur heating repair and replacementThe balmy January temperatures have just plunged into the icy 30s and you’ve made the unpleasant discovery that your heating system is not working. You take a deep breath, put the call in for service and hope that help will arrive at least within a few hours of the scheduled time and that a diagnosis doesn’t involve a trip back to the shop for parts.

When customers call Empire Heating and Air it’s a different story. “Empire excels in the areas of communication and response time, ” says customer Linda Callow. “When I have a problem, I can count on them to work around my schedule and to show up when they say the will. They’re always friendly and take the time to explain what they need to do for the repair.”

“Before we offer a solution, we listen to customers to see what the problems might be and do some investigative work, ” says Martin Hoover who co-owns the business with his wife Gila. “There are a lot of reasons a system might not be working properly and it doesn’t always involve replacement. What’s most important is to make sure the warm or cool air you are paying for is getting where it’s supposed to be.”

“Empire takes the consultative approach, ” says Tim Roth, a 15-year customer. “About eight months ago we were having trouble with uneven room temperatures in our large upstairs, so we turned to Empire for advice, ” Roth explains. “To determine the problem, they measured the airflow coming through the ductwork. Those tests revealed the flow was uneven, so the technician presented us with three potential solutions and cost estimates to fix the problem.”

Indoor Comfort Solutions for Uneven Temperature

“When some rooms are warmer than others, there are several possible resolutions, ” says Hoover. “It may involve adding or enlarging ductwork. Another option is to do what the Roth’s did and install zoned heating and air conditioning which is based around a single HVAC unit with each zone controlled by its own thermostat. We can also test for duct leakage. More than 50 percent of the homes we test have this problem. Sealing ducts improves efficiency, helps lower utility bills and cuts down on dust coming into your home.”

Decatur Heating Replacement Suggestions

How do you know when it’s time to replace your heating system? “Loud noises coming from your heater, uneven heating and increased utility costs are all signs that may point to replacement, ” Hoover says. “Use the 5 K rule by multiplying the cost of a repair by the system’s age. If the tally comes to more than $5, 000 it may be time for a new one.”

Contact Empire Heating and Air Conditioning for your Decatur Heating System Solutions

Empire provides free estimates for equipment replacement as well as operating cost comparisons and heating and cooling load calculations to help you choose the right units for your home. They also service and install a range of HVAC products including heat pumps, tankless hot water heaters, radiant floor heating, humidifiers, steam and hot water boilers and back-up generators.

Article By Theresa Woodgeard – Decatur Living