Easy Ways to Keep Your Heating System Running Efficiently

Heating System Efficiency Decatur GA

heating system efficiency decatur ga

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To get the best service your heating system, a few simple tasks can help you to keep it running efficiently and avoid unnecessary and costly repair bills.

The average homeowner may only understand how to set the thermostat. When it’s cold outside they turn it up and when it’s hot they turn it down. When that doesn’t work they call the their local heating repair technician. This works OK, but a couple of repair calls a year can start to get expensive. Knowing about the heating system lets you take care of minor problems and keep more of your own money in your pocket.

The heating system is designed to work efficiently with your home’s floor plan. When it is working properly, the ductwork distributes warm or cool air evenly throughout the house. The air passes through filters to clean it of dirt and other contaminants.

Heating System Recommendations

To keep the system running efficiently, Energy Star recommends changing the filter every three months. A dirty filter slows the air flow and wastes energy by making the system work harder. Also make sure that all vents are open and unobstructed so the system can circulate air in the manner for which it was designed.

A clean filter will reduce the buildup of dirt in the system that leads to more expensive maintenance or repairs. Many system problems are caused by dirty blower fans, coils and drains. This obstructs systems, lowers capacity and reduces efficiency.

Sealing air ducts can improve the efficiency of heating systems considerably. The most important places are under the house, and anywhere ducts pass through unheated areas of the house, attic or garage. Ducts in these areas should also be insulated to reduce loss of energy in places you do not want to heat or cool.

Outdoor units need to breath as well. Weeds and grass can grow up and cover them, causing them to clog and overheat. Periodically inspecting these and removing obstructions will help keep them running efficiently.

Most modern heating systems have an electronic control board, located in the thermostat, furnace, or outdoor AC unit. This may occasionally go into a “lockout” mode which prevents the system form operating. Rebooting the system by powering everything off, and waiting a few minutes before turning it all back on will often solve this problem.

Heating System Efficiency Experts – Empire Heating and Air Conditioning

A well maintained heating system will perform efficiently and provide long lasting service for you and your family. Contact Empire Heating and Air Conditioning to learn more about how our planned maintenance program can help to ensure that your system continues to deliver the best performance.

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