Ways to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

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Managing home energy efficiencyhome energy efficiency doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult or, worse of all, both. If you find you need to put all of these ideas into action and you do just that, you just may be able to not only improve your home energy efficiency, but save more as much $100 on your power bill over the course of a year.

Home Energy Efficiency Tips

  • Reduce Electric Dryer Use
    • Even if you own a brand new energy efficient electric clothes dryer, it will still qualify as one of the most voracious power vampires in the house. The older your electric clothes dryer, the more likely it easily tops the list of electrical consumption in your house. If you can find a way to cut back on your electric clothes dryer use by 25%, it should only take a month or two to start noticing the savings on your power bill. You can also make that dryer more energy efficient by not wasting power on loads that are too small as well as avoiding the situation of having to run the appliance through two cycles to dry a load that is too large.
  • Energy Efficient Computer Use
    • Even when not in use, computers that remain plugged in are impacting home energy efficiency by drawing away electricity unnecessarily. Not only should you get into the habit of turning every computer in the house off before you go to bed, but unplug it as well. And then take the time to set every computer to automatically enter sleep mode when left unused for more than 30 minutes. You should also run your laptops and tablets on battery power as often as possible. Not only does this reduce the pull on electricity, but it will actually prolong the life of the battery.
  • Only Run Full Electric Dishwashers
    • Dishwashers are one of the big bad wolves when it comes to chasing down and eating away at home energy efficiency. Like clothes dryers, the less you use your dishwasher, the more money you save. Use dishwasher energy more efficiently by adding unusual items like plastic toys, screens, light switch plates and even baseball caps to light loads.
  • Cut Down on Electric Space Heater Use
    • Believe it or not, but an electrical space heater is actually a drag on home energy efficiency if it is put to constant use. Use electric space heater sparingly. Put on extra layers of clothing and run the space heater just long enough for you to get uncomfortably warm and then turn the heater off.
  • Oven Alternatives
    • The bigger the size of your oven, the greater the impact on home energy efficiency. If it is possible to cook the same food on the stove or using another appliance, try to do so. Frying chicken may not be as healthy as baking it, but it sure is a more energy efficient way of cooking for most people. Use your microwave to warm up leftovers rather than wasting energy and money by heating them in your oven.

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