Case Study: Indoor Air Quality and Proper HVAC System Installation

The owner of this two-story brick home wanted to replace an old gas furnace (thirty or more years old) and air conditioning system (fifteen or more years old). The original installer hadn’t considered the importance of air quality in this setup.  As such, only an inefficient one-inch filter was in use, impacting the condition of the air in the home for years. Low quality indoor air can cause many short and long term health effects which the customer wanted to avoid.

Outside, our techs also noticed that mud runoff was damaging the original A/C unit. Any type of outdoor debris can hinder the airflow and overall efficiency of a unit.

Outdoor air conditioning airflow issues are often caused by:

  • Leaves and branches
  • Grass clippings
  • Mud or water runoff
  • Dirt and dust

Our new HVAC installation reconfigured some ductwork to make room for a much more efficient Honeywell brand four-inch media air cleaner. These filters allow for more filtered airflow and excel at removing small particles from the air. Our techs also made sure to build up the ground and place the new A/C unit on a three-inch base pad so that runoff would no longer effect the unit.

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