Why Update Your Thermostat? Here are 3 Good Reasons.



Digital thermostat.

Many people don’t really think about the thermostat in their home. They turn it up when they’d like to get warm, and down when they’d like to feel cooler. But did you know that your thermostat is actually a key part of your home comfort system? A thermostat is the bridge between your home comfort and your HVAC equipment, which is why it’s so important that it’s in good working order.

If your thermostat is getting on in years, it may be time to replace it. Like anything else, over time your thermostat can wear out – considering it gets used nearly every day (especially older, non-programmable models). Not to mention, as technology changes, thermostats get better at reading temperatures and controlling your home comfort equipment, helping it operate more effectively and efficiently than older thermostat models.

Three Reasons You May Need to Update Your Thermostat

  1. Thermostats can collect dust and debris. If you have a buildup of dust or debris inside your thermostat, it can cause problems. It can coat the thermostat’s wiring and terminals, blocking the electrical connections. A dust layer inside your thermostat can also cause it to read the temperature incorrectly. While it’s a good idea to clean your thermostat on occasion, the older it gets, the harder it can be to remove the dirt and dust.
  1. Older thermostats can have electrical problems. Your thermostat is made up of many different electrical components. They must be working in perfect harmony in order for your HVAC system to work properly as well. In older thermostats, corrosion of electrical components can be a problem, especially in more humid climates. Once electrical components are corroded, it is necessary to replace the thermostat.
  1. Your old thermostat might add to system inefficiency. If you’ve replaced your HVAC equipment recently, but your thermostat is 20 years old, there is likely an incompatibility between the technologies of your heating or cooling equipment and the thermostat – and that can make your equipment, no matter how advanced, operate less efficiently. In addition, modern thermostats can help save energy because they can measure ambient temperatures much more effectively. And, many of today’s models are programmable, offering more precise comfort control.

At Empire, we’re pleased to offer our customers the Honeywell Prestige® thermostat.

We proudly install the Honeywell Prestige thermostat for our customers, which provides advanced whole-home comfort in one unit. The Prestige allows you to control temperature, humidification, air conditioning, and ventilation. Because it can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi system, the device’s technology that allows you to adjust settings remotely. It features an easy-to-read, interactive display, and is programmable, helping you save energy. What’s more, it also comes with a five-year OEM warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Call Empire today to learn more about the Prestige and other services.

If you’re concerned that the older thermostat in your home isn’t working as well as it should be, Empire can help.

Just give us a call at 404.294.0900, and we will be more than happy to check out your thermostat to make sure it’s operating effectively and efficiently, and replace it for you if it isn’t.