High Quality Furnaces

A high-quality, efficient gas furnace can keep you and your family warm and cozy in the cold winter months. American Standard furnaces provide you with quiet and dependable operation at affordable prices. The newest variable-speed furnaces offer advanced indoor temperature control for maximum residential comfort. When paired with a high-efficiency air conditioner, these gas furnaces can also cut down on indoor humidity with the newest filtration and ventilation systems.

As an energy-saving feature, the variable-speed fan can continuously run while using minimal power, cutting down on your monthly energy bills. There are many positives to adding a Furnace to your existing high efficiency air conditioner.

Here at Empire HVAC we offer only the most reliable and efficient furnaces for your home or office.  As with any product we install, we recommend that you select a new unit based on efficiency, comfort, and price. Our certified technicians can help you select the unit that best matches your needs.

Looking to install a new gas furnace in the Metro Atlanta area? Browse through our selection of the most popular American Standard furnaces and get your new unit installed today.


Clean Green Comfort SystemPlatinum 95 FurnacePlatinum 95 Furnace

This high-performance gas furnace is part of the American Standard Platinum Series. With power-saving features and advanced temperature control, this unit is a must-buy for homeowners and business that want the most of their heating system.

  • Ultimate comfort with superior efficiency and true modulating operation.
  • AccuLink™ connectivity to use with Nexia home automation
  • Customized heating and humidity control.
  • Remote monitoring and programming available
  • Ultra-quiet operation


Clean Green Comfort Systemplatinum 80 furnacePlatinum 80 Furnace

Another popular unit is the Platinum 80 Gas Furnace by American Standard, which includes efficient features like:

  • Two-stage home comfort with AccuLink™ connectivity for Nexia automation systems
  • Consistent, comfortable heating for room-to-room temperature control
  • Remote monitoring and programming available
  • Quiet operation


Clean Green Comfort SystemGold 95v FurnaceGold 95v Furnace (Gold ZM Furnace)

The Gold Series 95v Furnace is a great unit for both residential and commercial spaces, offering savings on your monthly energy bill in addition to:

  • Premier heating efficiency
  • Comfortable, even heating from one room to another
  • Humidity balance and control
  • Energy-conserving operation


Clean Green Comfort SystemGold 80v Gas FurnaceGold 80v Gas Furnace (Gold SV Furnace)

Looking for high-end heating without the high-end price tag? The Gold 80v Gas Furnace by American Standard is the perfect unit for:

  • Quiet, efficient heat to keep your entire home cozy.
  • Consistent, even heating from room to room
  • Humidity reduction system and hassle-free indoor temperature control
  • Quiet gas furnace operation



Silver 80 Gas FurnaceSilver 80 Gas Furnace

As one of our most affordable heating units, the Silver 80 Gas Furnace by American Standard is a must-buy for homeowners that want the most out of their home’s heating system without breaking the bank. With consistent performance and a modest price tag, this unit provides years of dependable operation. Featuring single-stage and multi-speed blowers.