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Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement

Our expert technicians at Empire are ready to help out whenever you encounter an HVAC problem and need help quickly. We understand that a major problem with heating or air conditioning can seem like a disaster, and whether it’s a big leak, a system that won’t start or broken pieces related to bad weather, we’re ready to help get your system back in working order.

When it comes to air conditioner repair, expertise is a must– which is why all of our senior technicians are NATE certified and trained in the latest systems and tools. We can diagnose and repair systems from the major brands, making sure you get the right parts and services the first time.

For repairs, our prices are based on a simple flat rate. For your peace of mind, we charge a basic $88 dispatch fee for typical residential work. This provides a well-trained, uniformed, background-verified technician to your location in a fully-stocked and marked service vehicle ready to perform all the most common tasks. Then we provide you with an estimate so you can see the full cost for the repair yourself before making any decisions. Common projects include installing new safety switches, replacing and cleaning coils, replacing capacitors, repairing failed wiring connections and finding refrigerant leaks.

If the problem is serious enough, we may need to talk about replacing your air conditioner altogether. If this is the case, don’t worry! We can offer professional advice on whether you need a new unit, what type of system will work best in your home and how long the project it will take. HVAC replacement includes a free estimate to help you make your decision.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

At Empire, we want you to get your value’s worth from your air conditioner equipment, which is why we offer options for HVAC maintenance in Atlanta, in addition to our repairs and replacements. Minor and affordable maintenance throughout the year can help you avoid costly repairs and increase efficiency, which will help you save money on energy bills. However, not everyone knows the proper steps for HVAC maintenance, which is why we offer an HVAC maintenance program.

Sign up for tour Planned Maintenance Agreement, and our technicians will perform basic inspections and maintenance on your system. We keep up with the timing and let you know when service is due so you never have to worry about it or keep up with it. In return, you will receive multiple Empire benefits, including priority service, discounts on labor and new equipment, discounts on repair, 24/7 service and more. Our maintenance program includes written reports on the status of your system, standard-sized filter replacements, full operational testing, safety checks and recommendations to keep your system as safe, dependable and efficient as possible. Contact us today for more information.

Air Conditioning Installation

If you think you are ready for a new unit, Empire can offer advice on if you should replace your current system, and what the installation process would cost. We include free estimates for any heating and air conditioning equipment replacement and offer cost comparisons with any other estimates that you have already received. HVAC units are a major expense, and you want the best quality, the highest efficiency, and the right capabilities for your home – we have the information you need to make the right choice, and expert technicians ready to complete the installation process.