Understanding HVAC Performance Testing

HVAC Performance Testing – Decatur, GA

Heating and air performance testing measures the actual BTU capacity output of the unit/system, as compared to its capacity. It is important to know the difference in the air exerted from the source supply versus its temperature at return. (The somewhat Greek formula is cfm X temperature difference X 1.08 = BTU.)

Determining airflow is the key. A gauge is used to calculate the static pressure; then a blower chart for your specific equipment tells the exact air flow. Capacity and efficiency can then easily be discovered. Improvements can then be made to improve unit performance.

Three Package Deals Determining / Improving Heating-Air Efficiency

Contact Empire Heating & Air Conditioning for pricing on 3 ideal package deals for determining the capacity/efficiency of your heating and air system:

(1) Simple equipment test during a service call.

(2) Stand alone service.

(3) Full analysis measuring each duct.

Yes – Our team is available to assist you in examining and perfecting your system, and in helping you to receive much more of a bang for your hard-earned energy bucks. The correct course of action is generally to renovate the ducting system by redesigning it. This often means enlarging the ductwork so that the right amount of airflow reaches each room at the right temperature.

Why Performance Test Heating-Air Conditioning Systems?

Often, without proper testing, owners are told that they need a new heating and air system. Then, after the new units are installed, air flow problems remain due to improper ductwork. In fact, a newer or stronger unit blower can sometimes be even more wasteful as the increased pressure causes more air loss and inefficiencies from the old ducting! Avoid this by having your system tested.

Even without a new system, if the vents to certain less-used rooms are closed as a home-remedy, the problem still increases. Why? This too adds additional air pressure amid the ductwork, and further increases energy bills for the household or building.

Heating and air conditioning system performance testing is a good value, and a key to reducing your utility costs. It more than pays for itself in the long-run.