Potential Costs of R-22 Leaks

R-22 Leaks

There are many reasons why your HVAC system may not be keeping you as cool and comfortable as before. One possible culprit could be a leak in your system. Although your HVAC system is sealed, over time it is possible for materials to break down and for leaks to occur. Only a seasoned HVAC contractor can determine the cause of your system’s inability to function properly and how much it will cost you to repair or replace your system.

Adding Refrigerant

Keep in mind that your HVAC system does not actually consume the refrigerant that it utilizes to cool your home or business. It’s not normal for the refrigerant in your system to run low. Be wary of HVAC technicians who consider losing refrigerant to be normal and expected, even for an aging system, and whose solution is merely to “top it off.”

When the cause of your system’s poor cooling performance is a low refrigerant level, this often means there are other problems that need to be checked out thoroughly. A complete HVAC tune-up and diagnostic may be necessary. Don’t settle for an easy solution that may not be addressing the total condition of your HVAC system.

Cost of Refrigerants

The most common type of refrigerant is R-22, the use and production of which has been restricted by the Clean Air Act. Because R-22 is an ozone-depleting chemical, it will be completely phased out by 2020.

This restriction has driven the price of R-22 upward as it is still needed to service systems that currently use it. In most areas, the typical cost per pound of this refrigerant is anywhere between $20 to $45 per pound. This is the price “off the truck” so to speak, which means it is what many HVAC contractors bill their customers. It’s possible to find lower-priced R-22 on the Internet, but you have to be a certified professional in order to buy this chemical. Because of this restriction, it’s simply not possible for many homeowners to do so.

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