Empire Preferred Customer

This year our Preferred Customer sale is better than ever with instant savings and special financing packages* on our most popular products.

Act now as this sweetheart of a deal will end in February 28th.

Dear Empire Heating and Air Conditioning Client,

Each year in February we offer our best package of savings and incentives to our best customers. Why? Despite being one of the coldest months it is one of our slowest as well. We know it and our Manufacturers know it as well, so they work with us put together special incentives to add to our once a year sale.

This year we are excited to include the new Daikin lines to our sale. These are truly revolutionary systems that will change how you think of heating and air. These units will fit into spaces where conventional systems will not, they are extremely quiet and efficient.

Now I realize you may not need a new furnace or air conditioner, and if
You don’t, no discount is going to make sense. But if your system is
More that 10 years old, this could be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Don't Miss Out On This Special Deal!

Take Advantage of our Preferred Customer Sale

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• Our best American Standard and Daikin comfort Systems with variable speed “Inverter” technology and super quiet operation
• Instant on the spot rebates of up to $1,250.00
• Slow season pricing on other materials and labor
• Written 2, 10 and 12-year warranties (depending on the specific unit)
• Two years of planned maintenance included with the system
• Total Savings Up to 28% OFF installed price – (You’ll save at least hundreds, perhaps thousands)
• FREE upgrade package including a Wi-Fi Thermostat, Honeywell High-Efficiency Filter and AirBrite air purifier with odor control.
• Convenient Payment terms to meet any budget*

Work it right and you can pay for a good chunk – maybe even all – of the new system with the money you save in interest and energy bills alone!

I understand that you may not be sure whether you want or need a new system so I’ll be happy to send you one of our Comfort Specialist to your home to analyze your system. I promise we won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. We’ll tell you if your system still has significant life left in it. We’ll show you exactly how much you can save in energy cost. We’ll give you all the options and let you decide.

Preferred Customer

And if you can benefit from a new system, just think of the time, energy, hassle and money you can save when you take advantage of this unique offer, only available to our Preferred Customers who act in February.

If you’ve been thinking about it, gonna get around to it, know you should do it, or have been living with a dinosaur of an old, energy-guzzling, dollar-sucking furnace or air conditioner, now is the time.

If you’d like to find out more about whether this might be a fit for you, all you’ve got to do is call us at 404-294-0900 or schedule an appointment on the web at www.empirehvac.com.

But remember . . . it’s only because you’re a Preferred Customer and you’re getting an exclusive, first shot at this incredible limited-time, limited-supply deal. So please, if you think you might even be remotely interested, call us right away, today.

Martin Hoover


Martin Hoover, President
Empire Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

P.S. Remember you can save so much with this deeply discounted, deferred-payment, no-interest offer that you might pay for an entire new home comfort system in energy and interest savings alone! But you must act quickly, this program ends February 28th and equipment must be installed by March 15th.

*All financing subject to approved credit application