Understanding SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios

American Standard Air Conditioning Units / Atlanta Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios

What does SEER Mean?

In HVAC terms, SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” SEER ratios generally should range between 10.00 SEER to 20.00 SEER, the higher the number the better. (In the old days, 10.00 was considered good, but units have improved.) Today, 13.00 SEER is the new energy code minimum. The higher you go up in SEER rating (for example from 19.00 to 20.00 SEER) there are diminishing returns. Why are these ratios important?

SEER: American Standard / Energy Cost Savings

Air conditioning system operating costs decrease proportionally with an increase or upgrade of the SEER. If you double SEER, you will generally cut the operating cost for the system in half. That’s right, half. If an old 8.00 rated system’s share of the monthly energy was $100, that portion would drop to roughly $50. Not bad.

Even a moderate increase in SEER, say by 4.00, would save about $35-$40/month. At an initial cost of about $800, an American Standard/Atlanta air conditioning system SEER upgrade pays for itself in approximately 20 or 21 months. After that, you are pocketing pure savings every month!

As the prior example demonstrates, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency rating has a clear and direct effect on your monthly power bill. These upgrades positively impact your bank account, and soon. Why keep throwing money away with an inefficient air conditioning unit, when improvement is so quick, easy, and inexpensive?

SEER Upgrade: Contact Empire Heating and Air Conditioning In Atlanta Soon

From a logical financial standpoint, and for a more easily manageable indoor environment, contacting Empire Heating and Air Conditioning – your Atlanta American Standard expert simply makes sense. Whether you upgrade with an American Standard Platinum Series Unit, Gold Series Unit, or Silver Series Model, you will immediately have a better environment with lower energy costs. That is an absolute fact.

SEER upgrades are win-win situations between you and American Standard. You can and will bank on it. Contact Empire Heating and Air Conditioning today at 404-294-0900.

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