The Impact of Summer Humidity On Our AC Unit

The great state of Georgia is where high humidity and air conditioning meet. During the summer months, the humidity levels become very extreme. In fact, the humidity levels during a Georgia summer are some of the highest in the whole nation. To help battle this miserable weather, we must have a hardworking AC unit keeping us cool. But as this humidity approaches record-breaking levels on any given year, it’s hard for our air conditioners to keep up. When it comes to humidity and air conditioning, they don’t get along very well. Not sure you have a humidity problem? Keep an eye out for the following:
  • Moist, clammy indoor air
  • Strange odors
  • Foggy windows
If you notice any of the above, you could have high levels of humidity inside your home. But what effects does the humidity have our AC units?
Take a look at how the high Georgia humidity impacts our precious AC systems:

It Takes them Longer to Cool

When you’re searching for cooling relief, you usually want it right away. But when humidity levels are high, it causes our air conditioners to work harder, which means your unit might take a while to cool. Air conditioners work by sucking the humidity out of the air. When the outdoor humidity is high, it will obviously take your system longer to adjust. While these units are meant to handle high humidity levels and still work effectively, the process is slowed when the humidity reaches extreme levels.

It Lowers their Performance

As high humidity means more work for your AC unit, it also means you’ll see its performance start to decline. Our beloved air conditioners work best in dry climates where there isn’t much moisture to remove from the air. Your unit sucks in the outdoor air, removes the moisture, and you’re left with the cool comfort you desire. But when humidity levels are high, your system might struggle to keep up. While you might notice that your system is running for longer, you might also notice high energy bills.

Leads to AC Problems

While your AC system desperately tries to cool your home among the high humidity levels, it might lead to problems with your system. A brief period of high humidity might not have a huge effect on your unit, but if the humid weather continues, it can lead to many problems over time. The more our units run, the more likely problems will occur. While these units constantly try to cool the humid incoming air, wear and tear are happening more rapidly. Multiple AC repairs could be a result.

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