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Empire HVAC Explains: Why is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:03 pm on August 11, 2015

Broken AC Unit

Air conditioners are one of the things many people cannot live without during the hot summers. This is especially true for homeowners here in Atlanta. An air conditioner blowing out warm air may seem the same as a dysfunctional unit on a slow summer’s day. For a quick fix, you can contact us at Empire Heating & Air to get your perfect summer days back on track. However, even with help of on the way, it is important to know what causes an air conditioner to blow warm air. (more…)

What to Do if You Are Experiencing a Refrigerant Leak

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:30 pm on August 5, 2015

refrigerant leak

Now that the weather is getting hotter, air conditioners will be running full blast. More often than not, these air conditioners have refrigerant leaks, which can cause some damage to your air conditioner and increase your electricity bill. Low levels of refrigerant put more stress on your compressor, which can lead to damage in most parts of the compressor. This can lead to costly repair bills, which is why you should have your air conditioner checked for leaks at least once a year. (more…)

Empire HVAC Explains: Why Does My Air Conditioning Smell?

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:39 pm on July 16, 2015

Air Conditioning Smells

If you’ve been experiencing a smell coming from your air conditioning system, it’s time to look for HVAC repair specialists. If your air conditioning smells, identifying the cause of the smell is important. With HVAC repair in Atlanta, it’s possible to find out what’s causing the smell and have this problem repaired. (more…)

Empire HVAC Explains: Why is My Air Conditioner Frozen?

Posted by Empire Blog at 1:43 pm on June 10, 2015

Frozen Air Conditioner

During the hot summer months in Atlanta, you are more likely to run into air conditioning problems. If you notice that your home is not cooling fast enough, know that there are several reasons why this could occur. One of common causes that people seem to overlook is a frozen air conditioning unit. It may be difficult to imagine how it could freeze in the hot summer months, but it happens more than you think. (more…)

Empire HVAC Explains: Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Posted by Empire Blog at 2:37 pm on May 28, 2015

Air Conditioning Leaks

When you discover water leaking from your air conditioner, you may seem at a loss for what to do. Oftentimes the dehumidifying process of the air conditioner can cause condensation, but leaking water is different than that. There are many factors that can cause a leak, and many of them need to be addressed quickly in order to keep the appliance working efficiently. Don’t try to fix it yourself; it is better to leave air conditioning repair to the Atlanta air conditioning professionals who are experienced with this type of air conditioner problems. (more…)

The Warning Signs That Indicate You Are About To Need An AC Repair

Posted by Empire Blog at 5:54 pm on April 11, 2014

AC Repair Decatur GA

air conditioning decaturMost people never give their HVAC system any thought until it starts to give them problems.  However, there are several warning signs that will, if you know what to look for, indicate you are about to need an ac repair.

The Most Common Warning Signs That Indicate Your AC Is In Need Of A Repair

1.  If you start to hear new noises, you’re probably going to need a repair soon.  When an AC system begins to make noises that you’ve never heard before, you should call an AC repair company immediately.  If you put off scheduling a repair, the problem could get worse and ultimately cost you more money or may even need to be replaced.  So this is one area you don’t want to procrastinate.

2.  Have you begun to notice temperature changes throughout your house.  Perhaps you AC system is blowing warm air in one room and cold air in another.  This could indicate that you have some problems with your duct work.  Not repairing this issue right away will cause your utility bill to rise because you’re paying to cool the attic.

3.  If your HVAC system doesn’t have any power or any air flow, this could be caused by several things.  You may have a blown fuse, a tripped breaker or a broken or loose wire somewhere.  It could also be a failed thermostat.

4.  If your thermostat is set to the lowest setting possible and it doesn’t turn on, then you may have a bad thermostat.

The most common warning sign most homeowners experience before their air conditioner goes out is strange noises.  Therefore, should you hear a new noise in your air conditioning system, you should turn it off in order to keep it from doing more damage.  Then you should call an AC repair company immediately.

A strange noise coming from your AC system doesn’t necessarily mean it will need to be replaced.  It could be something as simple as a fan motor that needs replaced or a bearing going out.  Or it may just be some leaves or debris that have gotten into your unit.

AC Repair Experts Decatur GA

If you’re in need of an AC repair company, please contact us.  Empire Heating and Air Conditioning – Atlanta Air Conditioning and Heating Experts has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

In addition, our technicians and installers are all fully licensed and insured, and combined, our team combined has more than 200 years of experience in this field.  Call us today.  We’d love to assist you with all of your AC repair needs.

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