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What to Do if You Are Experiencing a Refrigerant Leak

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:30 pm on August 5, 2015

refrigerant leak

Now that the weather is getting hotter, air conditioners will be running full blast. More often than not, these air conditioners have refrigerant leaks, which can cause some damage to your air conditioner and increase your electricity bill. Low levels of refrigerant put more stress on your compressor, which can lead to damage in most parts of the compressor. This can lead to costly repair bills, which is why you should have your air conditioner checked for leaks at least once a year. (more…)

A Look at the Impact of Air Conditioning on Modern America

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:28 pm on July 21, 2015

Air Conditioning Impact on America

Air-conditioning is a part of modern life that most of us take for granted – but without it, we’d be spending a lot more time outdoors and fending off the heat and biting insects that come with summertime in most regions. How has air conditioning changed the way we live, where we shop and how we work and play? (more…)

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

Posted by Empire Blog at 1:32 am on April 28, 2015

How an air conditioner works

Ever wonder how an air conditioner works to cool your home? An air conditioner is a pretty complex machine made up of quite a few moving parts. Here are the parts and how they all work together to cool your home. (more…)

What To Look for When Shopping for Thermostats

Posted by Empire Blog at 8:20 am on September 26, 2014

As a successful Atlanta HVAC company, we have assisted our customers with a variety of heating and air conditioning repairs through the years and have shared many practical tips and useful information about different HVAC products and services. If you’re thinking about buying a new programmable thermostat for your home, continue reading below to know what you should look for before you make your decision. Keep in mind that using a programmable thermostat properly and consistently can lower your heating and cooling bills by as much as 20 percent.


Things To Consider When Purchasing an Air Conditioner

Posted by Empire Blog at 10:00 am on August 28, 2014

As nice as it would be not to need an AC unit, this is simply not possible in the south. Some folks are fortunate enough to live in climates where opening the windows is sufficient for air flow, but down here, modern air conditioning is a necessity more than a luxury.

That being said, if your AC unit is currently on its last leg or if you are thinking of upgrading to a more powerful and energy-efficient model, here is how to decide what type of cooling system your home needs.


Air Conditioning Tune Up Special

Posted by Empire Blog at 8:00 am on April 10, 2013

Atlanta Air Conditioning Service

$79 Air Conditioning Tune-up Special, Air Conditioner Check-up

If Empire Heating & Air Conditioning provides customers with a special $79 air conditioning tune-up and somehow something fails before September 1st, 2013 customers not only get this great reduced rate, but can also deduct the actual cost of the tune-up from whatever repair charges they/you may require.

What Do Air Conditioning Tune-ups/Check-ups Include For Just $79?

Empire’s air conditioning tune-ups cover it all. Our technicians analyze thoroughly and work efficiently.

Air conditioning tune-ups/checkups include all the basics, and more. Our team of experienced professionals monitor refrigerant pressure, test safety controls, check all thermostat calibrations and AC starting capabilities, and replace standard 1″ air filters. Specialty filters are available for great prices as well. Got your own filters? We’ll install them for you while we’re there.

Air conditioning tune-up techs also adjust blower components, tighten electrical connections, inspect evaporator coils, monitor cooling cycles, measure air flows, inspect condensation drains, examine current equipment & installation quality, and apply protective coatings when needed. Of course, we also carefully check voltage and amps. Safety always comes first.

Your indoor climate system must be reliable prior to the warmer summer temperatures. August is no time for an air conditioning unit to sputter or fail. It is best to have your air conditioning system evaluated and tweaked now, so there will be no unexpected summer surprises. We are talking about peace of mind here, for the mere price of a $79 tune-up. Additional systems at the same address only $69 each.

Your Next Step Towards Quality Air Conditioning

Schedule an Empire Heating & Air Conditioning Technician online or call us at 404-294-0900. We’ll make sure that your air conditioning unit runs efficiently and effectively this summer. Maintenance is the name of the game. Take care of those potential troubles before they start. Schedule this great tune-up special today.

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