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5 Tips to Keeping Your Home Warm During Freezing Temperatures

Posted by Empire Blog at 10:56 pm on January 26, 2017

heat your home during freezing weatherWinter time is full of holidays and festivities as well as beautiful white snow. Even though the winter season brings along freezing temperatures and rough weather, your home should serve as a warm refuge. Heating your home while it’s freezing outside should not be difficult or expensive. Follow these 5 simple and cost-effective tips to help keep your home warm.


Install Curtains

Most homes today come with blinds that keep the sunlight out and help protect privacy. Because the blinds are made of plastic, heat will tend to escape from your house. In addition to using blinds, it is a good idea install curtains around windows. The cloth material will prevent much of the heat from escaping so you won’t have to keep turning up the thermostat saving you a bundle of money.

Welcome the Sun

Even though temperatures could be near freezing, the sun could still be shining. Take advantage of the sunlight and open your blinds to let in the warmth of the sun into your home. However, remember to close your blinds or curtains once the sunlight is gone. Not only will this help heat your home, it will also lessen the need to increase your thermostat level during the day.

Insulation Kits

Much of the heat in our homes escape through windows and doors. Consider installing clear, plastic insulation available in hardware stores or online on your windows to keep the heat in your home. Alternatively, you could also consider covering your windows with bubble wrap but the former is a much more attractive solution.

Besides plastic insulation, you could install draft snakes under your doors or windows. Draft snakes are fabric shaped into tubes as wide as your windows or doors.

Space Heaters

If you are trying to save money on energy bills this year, space heaters may be a good option especially if you only use a small part of your house. In this case, consider setting the thermostat low and using a space heater.

However, you should take caution when using one. Never leave the house or the area for a long period of time with the space heater running. Also, make sure to select a space heater with an automatic shutoff feature. Using space heaters can keep part of your home warm without having to make your heater work overtime.

Heating System Inspection

Part of the solution to keeping your home warm during the winter season is to inspect your heating system. This will ensure that your unit is operating at peak efficiency. Make sure to clean vents and change out filters.

Alternatively, our team of licensed professionals can do these services in addition to inspecting heating system components. If necessary, they can replace old and worn out components to ensure that your home will be kept warm cost-effectively.

This winter don’t let the freezing temperatures keep your home cold or make your heater work extra when it doesn’t need to. Implement these cost-effective steps and have our professionals take a look at your heater. Your home and your pocketbook will thank you for it!

How Often Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:32 pm on September 15, 2015

atlanta air duct cleaning

Are you having unexplained health symptoms? Irritated eyes or a persistent cough can be indicators of an air quality issue within your home. The existence of irritating particles, animal droppings and mold may cause allergies to long-term health issues for susceptible individuals. Responsible home owners and renters can use this as a guide to determine when their air ducts require cleaning.

Clean the HVAC Air Ducts When Necessary

There are times when the air ducts require cleaning as part of their maintenance. An air duct cleaning in Atlanta does not need to occur on a regularly-scheduled basis. Homeowners do need to be vigilant for signs that it is time, though. It’s not recommended that you try to clean your ducts on your own; improper or partial cleaning can exacerbate health conditions by spreading contamination through the entire home, so let an expert handle it. Our experienced technicians recommend cleaning air ducts when certain conditions exist that create a possible health hazard.

When to get your air ducts cleaned:

  • Can you see mold growing within hard surface ducts or on other heating and cooling system pieces? Call a service provider that can properly clean, remove and replace components of the air ducts, including insulation that has become moldy and wet. You can have your mold analyzed by a microbial laboratory to determine the type of substance and if there are any negative impacts to health from it.
  • Have you recently had or are moving into a home that had a pest or vermin infestation? Duct cleaning is highly recommended, as some animal and pest droppings can be toxic when airborne and ingested.
  • Do you see substantial particles being released from supply registers? This can occur from clogs within ducts because of an excess of dust and debris.
  • Has someone in your home been feeling unusually ill without a specific cause? This could be related to the air quality within the home.
  • Do you have a fuel-burning stove, fireplace or furnace? Have them inspected and serviced prior to each heating season in order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

How Empire HVAC Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

If you’re realizing that it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned, make sure you call professionals you can trust. Our duct cleaning process consists of sending a “comfort consultant” to your home to do a pre-cleaning inspection and to determine the best equipment to use for your cleaning.

In addition to cleaning your ducts, we also clean the blower compartment and treat your entire duct system with an antimicrobial treatment.

We have recently acquired a new air quality testing unit that measures six components of air quality: temperature, humidity, VOCs, particulates, CO and CO2.

Are You Overdue for a Duct Cleaning?

Since 1985, Empire Heating and Air Conditioning has been servicing Atlanta homeowners’ heating and air conditioning units. We offer duct cleaning in Atlanta and the surrounding Georgia communities. All technicians and installers are fully licensed and insured at this award-winning HVAC company. Call our friendly and professional associates at 404.596.6161 to schedule an appointment to service your air ducts today. Breathe easier with Empire Heating and Air Conditioning.

What to Do if You Are Experiencing a Refrigerant Leak

Posted by Empire Blog at 12:30 pm on August 5, 2015

refrigerant leak

Now that the weather is getting hotter, air conditioners will be running full blast. More often than not, these air conditioners have refrigerant leaks, which can cause some damage to your air conditioner and increase your electricity bill. Low levels of refrigerant put more stress on your compressor, which can lead to damage in most parts of the compressor. This can lead to costly repair bills, which is why you should have your air conditioner checked for leaks at least once a year. (more…)

How to Inspect the HVAC System in a New Home

Posted by Empire Blog at 9:14 am on February 26, 2015


New home purchases are often daunting tasks, and such decisions should never be taken lightly. Home ownership is equally rewarding and challenging, and when done right, is one of the best investments a person can make in his or her lifetime.

First-time buyers often get distracted by curb appeal and aesthetic updates. Although important in their own right, it is the condition of the “guts” of the home that matters most. The cost to replace an outdated or broken Atlanta HVAC system is far from cheap, which is why hiring an inspector who knows what to look for is an absolute must. (more…)

2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner

Posted by Empire Blog at 8:00 am on December 17, 2012

Angie's List Super Service AwardEmpire Heating and Air Conditioning Earns Esteemed 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award – 8 consecutive years!

Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

Empire Heating and Air Conditioning has earned the service industry-coveted 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award, an honor awarded annually to approximately 5 percent of all the companies rated on Angie’s List, the nation’s leading provider of consumer reviews on local service companies.

Martin Hoover and Gila Ragan Hoover owners of Empire Heating and Air Conditioning commented “We are honored and proud of our Team and the effort they put into delivering superior customer service. How wonderful it is to receive this recognition and award 8 years in a row.”

“It’s a select group of companies rated on Angie’s List that can claim the exemplary customer service record of being a Super Service Award winner, ” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “Our standards for the Super Service Award are quite high. The fact that Empire Heating and Air Conditioning earned this recognition speaks volumes about its dedication providing great service to its customers.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2012 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, including earning a minimum number of reports, an excellent rating from their customers and abiding by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

Service company ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in areas ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality. Members can find the 2012 Super Service Award logo next to company names in search results on AngiesList.com.

Angie’s List helps consumers have happy transactions with local service professionals in more than 550 categories of service, ranging from home improvement to health care. More than 1.5 million paid households use Angie’s List to gain unlimited access to local ratings, exclusive discounts, the Angie’s List magazine, and the Angie’s List complaint resolution service.

Empire Heating and Air Conditioning proudly serves the metro Atlanta area in Georgia including DeKalb, Fulton, Forsyth, and Gwinnett Counties.

Upgrades for your Home’s Heating System

Posted by Empire Blog at 8:00 am on December 14, 2012

When it comes time to replace your home’s heating system there are a multitude of upgrades that are available. Which upgrades should you choose? It mostly depends on your home’s heating needs and your desired comforts. A few of these upgrades will provide the most benefit as they relate to energy savings and comfort.

The first upgrade to consider is efficiency. It is now possible to choose heating systems that are very efficient at heating your home. Upgrading to a high efficient furnace can provide huge energy savings over the life of the system. For example, a 92% furnace will utilize 92% of the heat that is produced by your furnace. This means that only 8% of the fuel burned to produce heat will be wasted out of the exhaust system of the furnace. Compare that to the 20% waste of a standard efficient furnace and you can quickly see how the savings will add up. Choosing a 92% efficient furnace is actually choosing not to waste 12% of every heating dollar you spend. To put this into perspective, if your monthly heating bill is $200 dollars, choosing a standard efficient furnace means choosing to waste or throw away $24 every month. Add this waste up over the average 20-year life of the furnace and it would cost you $5, 760 more to choose the standard efficient furnace.

The second upgrade to consider is a variable speed fan motor. A variable speed motor works much more efficiently than a standard speed furnace. A standard furnace speed has only low, medium and high speeds. Traditionally the unit will work in low speed for heating and high speed for cooling. Newer variable speed fan motors have literally an unlimited speed range. This variable speed option allows the furnace to precisely regulate airflow to provide better control of temperature, humidity and air distribution. The variable speed fan motor is also much more efficient. A variable speed motor uses about 1/3 the electricity of a standard speed furnace. The variable speed motor also allows you to set the fan to the “on” position on the thermostat and run at a very low speed to keep the air temperatures in the house more constant and the air circulated through your filter without the typical “drafty” feeling of a conventional motor. A variable speed motor also starts and slowly speeds up eliminating the traditional “kick” or “thump” that occurs when a standard speed motor kicks on.

The third upgrade to consider is heating stages. A standard furnace only has one stage heating. This means that the furnace is either all on or all off. A two stage heating system has two different levels of heating. The first stage is usually 60% of the total heating capacity of the furnace. This two-stage option allows the lower stage to heat the home during milder temperatures such as the spring and fall. This results in less furnace cycling, which means the unit will last longer from less wear and tear and increased energy savings. During the colder winter days, the two-stage unit simply kicks in the higher stage and 100% of the heating capacity of the furnace is utilized.

You can also customize a system to your needs. Options include:

There are a lot of upgrade options to consider when replacing your home’s heating system. Each of these upgrades is well worth the investment either for increased energy savings or improved home comfort. Once you have a high efficient comfort system installed with the added comfort upgrades in your home, you will never be without it again. The small investment required upgrading these options pays back years of savings and comfort. To discuss any of the upgrade options or other upgrade options on your home’s comfort system, give Empire HVAC a call at 404-294-0900. One of our technicians will look at our current system and recommend an efficiency and comfort system combination that meets your budget.

Empire HVAC’s special offer includes saving up to $1, 950 on select new systems. Savings include federal energy tax credits, manufacturers’ rebates, instant savings and Georgia Power incentives. Conditions and restrictions apply. Call 404-294-0900 for details.

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