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Empire HVAC has been providing quality heating and air conditioning services to residents throughout Metro Atlanta since 1985. Our well-trained technicians have experience with a wide variety of heating systems and you can trust them to look out for your best interests when repairing or installing a new system in your home or commercial space.

Contact us and schedule an appointment if you need your HVAC system serviced or a new heating system installed. Our technicians will come out for a complimentary consultation to assess the situation before any work begins.

Ways To Heat Your Home

There are many ways to heat your home. Systems range from gas to electric, split heaters to radiant floor. If you are unsure of the system needed for your home or business, let Empire HVAC help you decide.

Freedom 95 Gas Furnace (Cutaway)

Freedom 95 Gas Furnace (Cutaway)

  • Gas furnaces are most prevalent in Metro Atlanta. This is because gas is often inexpensive and it heats fast since it is consuming fossil fuel. Furnaces have blower systems that are very efficient. The newer furnaces have the ability to speed up or slow down, using far less energy than the older models. This provides much better comfort levels, with even temperatures and cleaner air.
  • Electric heating is the best option in some cases. Electric heating operates like a giant blow dryer. This kind of heat is 100% efficient – with no waste. Electric heating is also inexpensive to install. The only downside of it is that electricity can often be costly in the Atlanta area.
  • Heat Pump Systems are some of the most popular systems in the south. This is because they can heat a home more efficiently. These systems move heat like an air conditioner, rather than generate heat. Heat pumps are total electric and can be ducted or ductless, and can even be combined with a gas furnace to create a dual fuel system. Allow a technician to upgrade your system today.
  • Radiant Floor Heating is powered by a boiler tube installed in the floor where hot water heats from below. Customers rave that these systems are very efficient, quiet and completely dust-free.
  • Humidifiers are great when issues arise from forced air gas heating, like furnaces. The air expands as it is heated, but if water molecules do not expand then the air in your home can feel as dry as a desert. Power humidifiers are used to combat this and add humidity back into your air. There are two main types of humidifiers; the steam humidifier and evaporative-type humidifiers. Steam humidifiers are the most effective because they can generate humidity regardless of what your furnace is doing.

As seen, there are many ways you can warm your home, and sometimes the best option is to do combinations of the aforementioned systems. The professionals at Empire HVAC would love to help you determine your ideal heating solution. Call us for a complimentary consultation today.

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Heater service and repair

Your heater works hard to keep you and your family warm during the cold months; however, there will be a time when these units will need to be repaired. Empire HVAC can assist you during this process. We have NATE-certified, licensed professionals that will provide you with excellent heating service. You may not know the extent of your heating problem, therefore, it is best to call a licensed technician to come and check the issue.

Planned Maintenance Agreement

The Planned Maintenance Agreement is a discount program for clients who desire to maintain their equipment through an agreement customized by the Empire HVAC technicians. Customers involved in the PMA benefit from guaranteed emergency service, scheduled maintenance, 20% discounts and the peace of mind that their heaters will always work properly.

Furnace Replacement

No matter how well you maintain your heating system, it will eventually need to be replaced. The experts at Empire HVAC can help you install the new furnace, and do so at a competitive price.

Custom-designed heating installation

We know that each and every client is unique. Some of our clients want to have custom heating installations in their homes. And when it comes to adding a custom-designed heating unit, you can trust us. We can install the most energy-efficient system for your home.

Water heater repair and replacement

Water heaters are not technically heating units, but if your hot water heater is not working properly during the winter, or really anytime of the year, we know you will want it fixed ASAP. In the event that you need a water heater replacement or repair, please contact Empire HVAC. We can repair it quickly and professionally.

Boiler repair

Boilers are fundamental to your home heating system. If you think you are having issues with your equipment, allow one of our experienced technicians to help you.

Radiant Floor Heating System installation

Radiant floor heating systems are thought to be one of the most efficient ways to heat a home. These systems are quiet and visually pleasing, plus, they provide a nice blanket of heat to your entire home. If you are interested in installing one of these systems to your home, contact Empire HVAC.

Ductless Split Heat Pumps repair and installation

Ductless systems are the standard worldwide. This is because they are reliable and very efficient. These are great for sunrooms and basement build outs.

Platinum Variable Speed Heat Pump

Heating Myths

  1. Duct tape is good for sealing heating ducts.
    False. Duct tape is good at a lot of things, but when it comes to solving your heating needs, it will fail. Ducts are often very dirty and dusty, and duct tape cannot stick in dusty environments. If you are having problems with your ducts, call a professional.
  1. Cranking up your thermostat will make your house warmer, faster.
    False. The experts say to think of heaters like light switches – they are either on or off. Regardless of how high you click up your thermostat, it will take the same amount of time to warm your home.
  1. If I keep my home at a constant temperature I will save money.
    False. This is due to the same “light switch” concept as above. If it is running, it is using energy and costing you money. In the winter, you can keep it around 68 all day and then at night, set it lower. This may actually save you money.
  1. It is cheaper to run space heaters in a few rooms than to turn on the home’s heating system.
    False. This may be true if electricity was not so expensive and inefficient. Using an electric space heater might cost three to five times what it costs to heat your home with a gas furnace.
  1. Ceiling fans are great in the summertime.
    True. Well, of course, ceiling fans do a great job cooling you in the hot summer months, but they can also be used in the winter. If you make your fan go clockwise, you can force down the warm air and make your home feel warmer without cranking up the furnace.

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