Had HVAC completely replaced. The old one was in the crawl space under the house, and the new one was installed in the attic. Overall, I’m very pleased with Empire and would absolutely recommend them.  I will point out an excellent customer experience. My old furnace was completely dead, and It was very, very cold. They went out of their way to get the heat up and running as quickly as possible, even going above and beyond a normal workday. They never promised this, they just knew how cold it was in the house, they took the initiative, and it was a real delight for them to offer and deliver. We slept soundly in a warm bedroom the night before they came out to finish adding the AC to the system. It’s little things like that that makes a business exceptional!  Oh.. and one another delight, they had some materials left over from another job and used them to cover up the gas line up the side of the house. Again, another surprise and great customer experience.

P. Prance