Older Home Heater

Stately and proud, old houses stand as a testimony to the grandeur and incomparable style of a bygone era. However, heating an older residence with its tall ceilings, big rooms and aging heating system can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are modern ways to heat your older home without compromising its architectural integrity.

Dry Radiant System

If you’re willing to sacrifice a little room height, you can install a dry radiant heating system to ward off the winter chill. In our many years as an Atlanta HVAC company, we have seen this method work quite effectively, especially in old houses.

Tiny PEX plastic tubing attached to aluminum tracks underneath your floors deliver heat to the surface of the finished flooring from the heated water that flows through them. The water temperature required for this type of heating is lower than what is needed for radiator heat. This means you save on fuel and end up paying lower utility bills over time.

Install a New Boiler

Many older homes come with larger-than-life boilers. This is because the houses were built at a time when insulation was not yet very common. Heavy-duty boilers were necessary to maintain a comfortable indoor environment during the cold season. If you’ve updated your home with modern insulation, you most likely do not need to hang on to the boilers that originally came with the house.

Ask an experienced and knowledgeable heating contractor about modulating-condensing boilers, or Mod-Cons. This type of boiler senses how much heat is needed and regulates the fire to supply just the amount of heat required. This so-called “smart” boiler extracts as much heat as it can from the flue gases, making them efficient and effective as well.

Go Underground

A ground source heat pump gathers heat from deep under the ground and uses this to heat up the water in the pipes. The warm water passes through a heat exchanger inside the house and flows through the radiant floor to provide even heating. Although this type of system is more expensive to install than a typical boiler, it can easily pay for itself over time as the water does not have to be heated to high temperatures in order to be adequate for heating an old house.

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Image courtesy of: This Old House