Tips to Winter Home Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Efficiency in Atlanta GA

Proper house insulation will not only help keep everyone warm, but it will also reduce overall home energy efficiency heating costs. You can hire contractors and implement a construction plan to ensure minimal energy expenditure. However, not many homeowners have this luxury. Updating your home will require a couple of tools, but they can easily be implemented, providing warmth, home energy efficiency, and a comfortable home.

Benefits of Proper Home Energy Efficiency

  • Reduce energy bill by 10 to 50%
  • Home safety
  • Protection against frostbite
  • Install a Fireplace Door

Fireplaces are an effective way to warm up a room. However, it is also an escape route for warm air to leave and cold air to enter when it is not being actively used. If you have a modern fireplace, make sure to install an airtight door to make sure that cold air does not come into the house.

Heavier Curtains for Insulation

Heavier curtains will improve home energy efficiency, by allocating the heat to specific rooms. During the winter months it is more appropriate to have thick, lush curtain that’ll provide an insulating layer to your home. Heavy curtains can also be installed to the entryways around your home. A floor length curtain will not only prevent drafts, but can also provide a decorative accent.

Save Money by Turning Down The Thermostat

To save money on your heating bill, you will obviously have to turn down the thermostat. You can save 2% on your energy bill for every degree that you lower the thermostat. However, this does not mean that you will have to live in an icebox. In conjunction with an extra layer of clothing, you can also utilize electrical blankets to heat up the bed. Many of these blankets are also fixed with dual temperature controls, keeping different sides of the bed at different temperatures. These are cost-effective and will help keep heating costs low. Radiant floor heating is also an effective way to warm the house. Even though it will require a bit of manual labor, radiant floor heating systems are unobtrusive.

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