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Empire HVAC Decatur Georgia

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Empire Heating & Air Conditioning = Best Quality HVAC in Atlanta, GA

  • Our fabricated steel plenums and trunklines are clean, smooth and secure – not ductboard which can easily be penetrated, leak, and contaminate air with fiberglass particles.
  • We use Mastic Sealant® or UL 181 tape on all major transverse duct joints to insure minimum air leakage.
  • Our refrigerant linesets are fabricated on-the-job of union-made copper with Armaflex® Insulation.
  • We micrometer test all new refrigerant linesets to insure all moisture has been removed and that no leaks remain. No assumptions are made.
  • Our registers and grilles are Hart and Cooley™ No. 411 or better in the floor and No. 230 or better in walls and ceilings. Our registers and grilles do not bend when you walk over them or rust out practically “overnight.”
  • Our condensate pumps – when used – are designed for higher than normal capacity for longer service and reliability.
  • We install dampers in all new metal or flex branch ducts for proper balancing, so you won’t hear whistling.
  • We use reciprocating saws for cleanliness and accuracy if we have to penetrate interior walls or floors, not chain saws that damage property.
  • Our vehicles are clearly marked and equipped with brooms, dropcloths, and vacuum cleaners to leave your jobsite clean.
  • Our personnel are carefully screened before hiring, properly trained in their trade, and continually updated on new products and equipment.
  • Empire is licensed in the state of Georgia under contractor number CN-006599; fully insured; a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Air Conditioning Contractors Association, Conditioned Air Association of Georgia, Air Conditioning Contractors of America and American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air- conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE); and International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.
  • Select systems receive a three year Empire Full Service Agreement.