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What is the best air conditioning system for Atlanta?

Atlanta’s Air Conditioning Choice from Empire HVAC

Atlanta’s weather affects the choice for your home’s Air Conditioner.

One of the sayings I hear a lot is if you don’t like the weather here just wait five minutes and it will change. Air conditioners here have to work just a bit harder than in other parts of the country. It’s not all that unusual for for our humidity to be in the nineties right along with the temperature. We have lot’s of days in the spring and fall that start off cool enough for the heat to come on and end up hot enough that the kids want to go to the pool. We have long stretches of mild weather and weeks in the nineties or hundreds day after day.
Empire HVAC air conditioning systems for Atlanta

Two Speed Systems Recommended

This extreme weather makes Atlanta a great place to have a two speed air conditioning system. On the mild warm days this unit can run a long time on low speed to drop the humidity without turning the space into a freezer. On the hottest days a two speed air conditioner will of course pop into high speed to keep up with the extreme load.

Two speed systems also compliment a zone control system nicely as they can ramp up and down with the number of zones calling. There is also a little more room in sizing a two speed over a single speed unit. It’s very important not to oversize a single speed air conditioner and it can lead to some serious humidity issues and with the two speed’s ability to run at low speed you can go with a little larger unit for those really hot or big time entertaining days.

New HVAC System Design Services

When you decide it’s time to replace your HVAC system we will be glad to come out help you choose the best system for your application. Estimates and basic design services are free and most of the year can be arranged same day. Click here to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 404-294-0900.

If you aren’t sure if you should consider replacement or might be better served by repairing your existing system, call on Empire’s NATE certified service technicians. Our guys are well trained and thorough in diagnosing problems as well as presenting all the options so you can make an informed decision. On each service call, we perform a complete evaluation of your system.

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