AC Mold: Should You Be Concerned?

AC Mold

In a word…yes!

Although most air conditioner mold isn’t anything to panic about, it’s not something you want to ignore. Mold growth can occur almost anywhere in your system, from the blower to the vents to the unit itself. Here at Empire HVAC, we get calls all the time from customers concerned about mold.

Why is Mold a Problem?

Your AC system is designed to blow air all throughout your house; if it’s moldy, you could be inadvertently blowing mold throughout your home! Green mold spores have been shown to cause respiratory issues, particularly in children, seniors, and people with allergies. Black mold can be extremely toxic and should be dealt with right away. Health concerns aside, mold is an eyesore!

Where to Look for Mold

Where does mold most often appear within air conditioning systems? Anywhere moisture can condense. Customers usually see mold on intake vents, built-up on filters, or growing on the outdoor AC unit itself. A professional HVAC inspection could reveal hidden mold in ductwork or on the underside of vents. Unfortunately, the humid environment here in the southeast makes AC mold in Atlanta all the more common.

What to do About Mold

First and foremost, if you suspect you might have mold, contact a professional HVAC technician. They’ll use special tools and techniques to test for mold and then remediate it. Different parts of your AC system call for different mold-removal techniques. Mold in the ducts might call for a rotating cleaning brush; mold on the filter calls for total replacement. Wherever mold was growing, an anti-mold spray or mold-killing UV light should be applied to prevent future growth.

Do you have mold in your air conditioner?
If you’ve noticed recent breathing problems or suddenly have allergies, there might be mold in your AC. Contact your friends at Empire HVAC today for a complete AC inspection or to find out more.

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