Ductless Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Atlanta

It certainly can get hot and sticky in Atlanta GA during the summer months, which is why reliable cooling is so important. If your home lacks ductwork, central AC isn’t really an option. Fortunately, ductless air conditioning is a great choice. It doesn’t need ductwork to operate, and your HVAC technician can install it quickly for you.

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Atlanta Can Get Hot & Humid. Having AC Is Important.

The weather in Atlanta can get very hot, humid, and uncomfortable, especially in the summer. Homeowners without ductwork often use window air conditioners to stay comfortable - and they can be noisy, obtrusive, and inefficient. By installing ductless air conditioning in your home,  you’re choosing quiet, efficient comfort.

How Empire Can Help

At Empire, we offer the best ductless products on the market today, installed for you by our professional technicians. They’ll be able to help you get the right ductless AC configuration for your Atlanta home, so you and your family can enjoy cool comfort throughout.

Do You Need Ductless AC Installation or Replacement?

How do you know for sure that ductless air conditioning installation is the best option for your Atlanta GA home?  Here are a few ways ductless air conditioning can help you and your family stay cool and comfortable, even during the hottest weather:

  • Your home does not have ductwork
  • You’d like cooling for an addition or converted space
  • You have hot spots in your home and would like to balance temperatures
  • You are currently relying on window air conditioners to stay cool
  • You would like better efficiency when it comes to your AC system

Call Empire when you need ductless air conditioning installation or replacement.

When you need ductless air conditioning replacement or installation for your Atlanta home, you can count on Empire Heating & Air Conditioning to help you. We are pleased to offer professional installation of high-efficiency, high quality ductless air conditioning equipment that will help you and your family stay comfortable all summer long, no matter how hot it gets outside. Call us at 404-294-0900 or contact us online today!