Common Consequences of Not Checking On Your Heater


As Atlanta heating and air conditioning specialists, we often advise our clients about the common-sense care and maintenance of their HVAC system. While we would never advocate for taking on major repairs on your own, we want you to take regular precautions with your HVAC system.

A lack of vigilance leads to bigger problems and more expensive repairs (or even replacements) down the road.

Below are signs that your HVAC system is in need of repair or maintenance. Call a reliable HVAC contractor as soon as you notice them.

Clogged Filters

It is advisable to change or clean your system’s filter at least once a month, especially during times of heavy use or if you live with furry pets. Dirty or clogged filters greatly restrict air flow, so doing this means your system does not have to work so hard to keep you comfortable and safe. If you find that you need to replace or clean out your filters more often that once a month, call an HVAC technician to inspect your entire system. There could be other, more serious factors that are contributing to your clogged filter.

Mechanical Malfunctions

When you start hearing clangs and bangs from your HVAC system, it could mean that its mechanical parts are starting to break down. Belts and bearings weaken or corrode over time. They may need to be replaced or repaired to prevent other problems like overheating or poorly circulating fan motors.

Intermittent Heat

There could be a problem with your pilot or ignition if there are periods when your system does not produce heat or if it produces heat intermittently rather than consistently. An experienced technician will be able to diagnose this problem for you and recommend the necessary steps you can take to correct the problem.

Thermostat Problems

An HVAC system that is functioning properly cools or heats a house evenly. When you experience pockets of hot or cold air in a room that are either too hot or too cold, it could be an indication that there is a problem with your thermostat.

Call us for a complete range of reliable Atlanta heating and cooling repairs as well as HVAC equipment replacement and HVAC tune-up services. Our expert technicians are ready to help you enjoy a safe and comfortable indoor environment.