Ways to Keep Air Cooler In Your Home This Summer

keep air cool in home this summerRecently, warmer than usual temperatures have been reported on the news. Though this gives much needed relief from ice cold temperatures, it could also mean higher temperatures during the summer and much higher cooling costs if you are not prepared. So, let’s get ahead of the curve by following these tips to keep more cool air in your home and thus more money in your pocketbook.

Blinds and Shades

When sunlight passes through your windows, it acts to heat up your floors and your home if the blinds are open. During the summer months keeping blinds and shades open is a bad idea. Whenever possible, keep them closed to help keep more the hot sun from heating your home from the outside in and thus preventing your AC unit from working needlessly. Besides keeping blinds closed, take a look at installing drapes and curtains to as well.


Consider planting some trees, especially in areas near windows. When fully grown and bloomed during the summers, the tree will act to block sunlight. As a result, your AC unit won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool in certain parts which also helps lower your energy bills.

Indoor Plants

Besides planting trees outside, try putting plants inside your home as well. Plants are well-known to produce oxygen and absorb sunlight thus creating more humidity and reducing overall temperatures inside your home.

Attic Fans

When sunlight hits your roof, the air inside your attic tends to get warmer. Eventually, your home will get warmer as more warm air gets trapped inside your attic. Installing attic fans help to remove the warm air thus helping to cool down your home without extra help from your AC unit. Consult with professionals and experienced installers before attempting to install attic fans.


As your home gets older, it tends to have more leaks thus creating more opportunities for cool air to escape. Before the summer hits, check all your doors and windows and see if they are properly sealed. Next, check your ducts and vents and make sure they are sealed as well. Have one of our professionals come out to help you inspect and properly seal ducts.

Also, have your AC unit inspected by one of our team members to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.


Keeping your home cool is easier than you think with these tips. To inspect for leaks and the unit itself, our team of licensed professionals can help. These suggestions will not only help you save your hard-earned money, they will also help you enjoy the upcoming fun of summer!  Contact Us Today!

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