Dirty Coils Cause Inefficiency

Service You Air Conditioning in Atlanta

Should you service Atlanta Area air conditioning systems regularly? Get system tune-ups? The answer is a resounding Yes! Why? Dirty coils alone can hinder air conditioning efficiency by as much as 35%. Even 1/1000 of an inch of dust or dirt can reduce system effectiveness by 10%. That is huge. In addition, dirty evaporator coils reduce cooling capacities by well-over 30%.

The Federal Utility Partnership Working Group supports these figures, and agrees that dirty air conditioning coils cost homeowners and tenants mega-bucks yearly. So, the question now becomes: What should you do? That’s the easy part.

Dirty Air Conditioning Coils: Practical Solution

Obviously, you should have your air conditioning coils cleaned through regular yearly checkups and tune-ups by Empire Heating & Air Conditioning. This is not the type of work that unlicensed person can attend to himself. A heating and air professional is desired and required.

Contact Empire Heating & Air Conditioning today at 404-294-0900. We will be more than happy to send out an air conditioning technician to analyze and clean your air conditioning coils and tune-up your air conditioning system. Regular air conditioning maintenance, service, and tune-ups actually save you lots of money in the long-run, through better efficiency and lower utility bills.

Oddly enough, coil cleaning is an investment. You pay a small amount of money periodically in order to save a lot of money later. The notion is so simple that many homeowners miss or ignore it. Try not to fall into that trap. If this was the field of medicine, we could say that an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure.

Cleaner coils mean increased cooling capacity, increased energy efficiency, increased fan power, increased compressor power, and most of all – larger bank accounts!

Call us for your appointment at 404-294-0900.

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