Replacement Tankless Water Heaters – Energy Efficiency Tips

Tankless Water Heaters – Atlanta

A tankless water heater is designed to provide hot water in a structure without the use of a hot water tank. These water heaters are made to operate using gas, propane and even electricity as their heat sources. On average people who use a tankless water heater experience up to a 20 percent savings in their utility bill. The savings is created by removing energy loss from warmed water sitting in the water tank.

Instant Hot Water

A tankless water heater is able to provide immediate hot water whenever needed. There is no limit to the amount of hot water it can provide.

Long Lasting

The life of a tankless water heater is longer than a tradition water tank. Since no water tank is involved corrosion is not an issue. The life span of a water heater with a tank system is up to ten years. A tankless water heater has been designed to last as long as twenty years.

More Hot Water

A tankless water heater enables the user to operate several appliances at the same time without any decrease in water temperature. Users have been known to operate their washing machine, Jacuzzi as well as have someone shower at the same time and have enough hot water for everything.

Supplement Traditional Hot Water Tank

There are many homes and buildings that have attachments that are only occasionally inhabited. If these dwelling attachments have the traditional water tank, a tankless water heater can be used to supplement the hot water needs when they’re in use.

Versatile Locations

A tankless water heater is small and can be installed in many different locations within a structure. It’s even possible to install them inside and outside. They take up a minimum amount of space.

Cleaner Water

With a traditional water heater rust and scale builds up inside the water tank. This is water that will be used for bathing and cooking. With a tankless water heater this is not an issue since it doesn’t provide water that’s been sitting inside of a tank.

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