Make Sure Your AC is Functioning Properly With HVAC Performance Testing

HVAC performance testing

Tired of feeling uncomfortably hot in your home–even with your air conditioning on high? Are your electric bills going up in the summer months, but your room temperatures aren’t going down? Something’s wrong with your old AC system, and it may not be the compressor.

Diagnosing the Problem

Many older models of home air conditioner systems don’t efficiently cool the house. More often than not, the root of the problem isn’t an old compressor–it’s poorly designed and installed ducts that shed up to half of the cold air before it has a chance to reach the rooms. They may be too small to handle the power of your central unit or have leaks through which cooled air escapes. The insulation may be in rough shape or not up to current code. Leaving problem ducts in place while buying a new air conditioner guarantees the unit will wear out long before its time.

Professional Performance Testing

When an air conditioner performs poorly, many homeowners go with their instincts and call an HVAC company for a tune-up. Unfortunately, that service doesn’t usually include what you actually need to diagnose the problem: performance testing.

During performance testing, the HVAC team measures the BTU capacity of your system, works out what has gone wrong, and comes up with a plan to get it back to peak efficiency. Here’s a more in-depth look at the process.

Finding a Solution

For your HVAC technicians, troubleshooting an AC Unit may be as simple as sealing a few leaks and reapplying insulation to international energy code standards. This immediately reduces the amount of cold air wasted. If the real issue is an overall poorly-planned and too-small vent system, more extensive work will be needed. The technicians may move ducts to properly target airflow, or replace them with vents that are the correct size to work with your existing AC unit. In any case, you’ll want to work with a reliable team to solve the problem.

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