Help! My Heat Pump Seems to Run Continuously!

Heat Pump Problems & Solutions

Today’s heat pumps have become super efficient heating machines that absorb all available heat in the outdoor air and effortlessly move it inside to keep your home warm and cozy. The only flaw in this otherwise perfect warming machine is that when the outdoor temperatures drop below 30 degrees, there is not much heat in the outdoor air for it to capture.

When that outdoor thermometer drops to those freezing levels and ice forms around its base, your heat pump works overtime to try and keep up. The result of a continuously running heat pump many times is wasted electricity that can have a hard impact on your power bill. But don’t fret; there is a really simple solution to keep your heat pump from gobbling up your paycheck on those cold nights.

Every heat pump has a back-up heating plan through the use of electric heat strips or in the case of a dual fuel system, a fossil fired furnace. When these back-up heating sources kick in, it’s best that your heat pump takes a break and wait for warmer temperatures before it resumes its heating duty.

The solution is as simple as an outdoor thermostat control that connects to your heat pump’s control wiring. This thermostat monitors the outdoor temperature and when the mercury drops, it will let your heat pump enjoy this much-needed break.

While the installation of the outdoor thermostat is relatively simple (if you understand the complex wiring of a heat pump), this installation is best left to the professionals. The good news is that the professional installation of an outdoor thermostat will not break the budget. It’s a pretty affordable service call and the energy savings resulting from an idle heat pump when it’s not needed will actually put money back in your pocket.

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