Empire HVAC Explains: Why Does My Air Conditioning Smell?

Air Conditioning Smells

If you’ve been experiencing a smell coming from your air conditioning system, it’s time to look for HVAC repair specialists. If your air conditioning smells, identifying the cause of the smell is important. With HVAC repair in Atlanta, it’s possible to find out what’s causing the smell and have this problem repaired.

The Air Conditioning Smells Like Mold or Mildew

In the humid weather months, mold and mildew can grow easily when moisture is present. You may have mold buildup within your unit, or there could be mold and mildew built up in your vent system. It’s time to have a professional come in and check your HVAC system before the mold or mildew growth gets out of hand.

The Smell of Sulfur Occurs When the System is Turned On

If a sulfur smell floods your home when you turn on your air conditioning, one of the most likely causes is a rodent or small animal that has died in your venting system. Small animals and rodents find tiny holes in the system, and then can’t always find their way out. If dead creatures aren’t your thing, call in an HVAC repair specialist in Atlanta to get the job done for you and remove the stink.

When Your Air Conditioner Smells Like Exhaust Fumes

The smell of exhaust fumes within your home can be alarming, and if the smell is coming from your air conditioning system you will need to call in one of the local HVAC repair specialists. Your unit contains fluids that can leak out over time, which will pick up odors via duct leakage from your garage, carport, or lawn equipment storage areas. Contact us immediately if you notice these fumes.

The Smell Could be a Skunk

There are other smells you may notice coming from your air conditioning system this summer. If you smell a skunk–and it’s probable that one is outside–well, there’s your answer. If you smell a skunk odor that doesn’t go away, this can be a sign of a gas leak instead. If you smell a skunk smell that doesn’t go away after a few hours, have your air conditioning unit serviced immediately to check for gas leaks.

If you continue to smell funky smells coming from your air conditioning, try changing out the air filters. Clogged air filters can cause your system to smell when it is turned on, and it is important to change out these filters often during periods of heavy use. If you don’t know how to change the filters, give us a call.

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