How Can I Save Money on Energy Bills While I Am Traveling?

Saving Money on Energy Bills

Who doesn’t like taking a nice vacation every once in awhile? Getting away from the daily work grind is a refreshing way to get back in touch with what really matters. Before you go traveling to a far-off paradise, remember to keep things under control on the home front.

Every year, thousands of homeowners forget to properly manage their Atlanta HVAC systems prior to departing, only to come home to an energy bill that could have been far less had they taken the time to implement a few easy tricks. Here is some helpful and cost-saving advice from your friends at Empire Heating and Air.

Saving While You’re On the Go

Unless you have pets living in your home, there is no need to keep the thermostat or water heater temperature set at its normal level. You can either turn them way down for the time being or turn them off entirely until you get back home.

Of course, this will depend on the time of year you are vacationing. Shutting down the heat in the winter months is ill-advised since this can lead to frozen pipes and all sorts of other problems, but doing so in an appropriate season can slash your utility bill up to 10 percent.

Fridge Settings for When You’re Away

Many people do not know this, but refrigerators perform their best and most efficient when full of items, so go ahead and fill yours with gallons of water to take up space when you are away. You can also turn the temperature setting up a few notches (the same goes for the freezer) to cut down on 1/4 of their standard usage. Keep the fridge set between 32-40° F and your freezer set below 32° F.

Automated Home Systems

If there was ever a time when mobile technology came in handy, it is when homeowners are thousands of miles away and can still monitor and control their lights, HVAC and other appliances remotely. Integrated smart houses are booming in popularity for this reason, as are the download of digital apps like Hive that are designed to give users remote access. With the simple click of a button, you can adjust your home’s thermostat,  hot water heater and heating and AC systems no matter where you are in the world!

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