Why You Need a Preseason Heating Tune-Up

Heating tune-up

It’s almost heating season! We know because this is when our phones start ringing off the hook. People turn on their heat for the first time in months and find it’s not working the way they remembered!

At Empire Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer preseason heating tune-ups in metro Atlanta. Here’s why you need one.

Perform Routine Maintenance

There’s a lot of value in performing preventative maintenance! Empire Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in thorough, comprehensive evaluations of your entire heating system, from the coils to the ductwork to your vents. Heating systems are appliances and they’re bound to need servicing over time. A preseason heating tune up can help identify issues (leaky pipes, slipped ducts) and remedy them before you spend half the winter wasting heat.

Check for Problems

A fall preseason tune up is when we often identify issues that can take homeowners by surprise. In many cases, it’s only when inspected by a professional that homeowners realize their heating systems need replacement, or that they’ve been working less efficiently than they should have been for ages. If your heating system is ageing (especially if it’s over 10 years old), prone to breakage, or you know you’ll be using it constantly in the winter, now is the time to have it inspected.

Save on Heating Costs

The better your heating system works, the less money you’ll waste. Energy efficiency is critical in summer and winter: prime time for HVAC usage. In fact, nearly half of all the energy usage in the average American home goes into heating and/or cooling it! Any inefficiencies in the system can cause your heater to run constantly or to cycle on-and-off repeatedly. They can also make it difficult for the internal temperature inside your house to reach the desired level.

Call Empire Heating & Air Conditioning or book an appoint online today to schedule your preseason tune-up. Our technicians are standing by to help you have the warmest, most energy-efficient winter on record!

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