Advice on Summer Energy Savings

Atlanta Cooling Tips During Summer

Just a little bit of thought is required to realize that your central heating and air conditioning unit is probably responsible for the majority of your home’s summertime energy bills. This is especially true in a warm area like Atlanta. So, the task at hand is to obtain energy savings during summer, by operating your air conditioning system or unit more efficiently. Right?

What can be done to secure home energy savings and efficiency?

Several factors are important for energy savings in the Atlanta region during the summer, and these should be taken care of regularly. These are professional AC system maintenance, changing the system’s filter, and keeping the outside system clean.

Professional Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Professional system maintenance of the air conditioner unit is one key. Empire Heating & Air Conditioning technicians will clean the coil of the unit. Simple as this sounds, you simply should not attempt this as a layman. The coil is basic to the system’s cooling abilities and must be kept clean.

Changing Unit Filters

Changing the unit’s system filter is also of the utmost importance, and is the simplest way to increase efficiency and promote summer energy savings in Atlanta or elsewhere. Just as you clear your throat to enable solids and liquids to pass, your unit needs to remain clear to operate at its peak performance level. This is not rocket science, but rather good common sense. Filters are inexpensive, and almost worth their weight in gold.

Maintain The Outside Unit

Another way to evoke lower energy bills and to promote energy savings is to maintain the area around your outside unit, and the unit itself, to keep it clear of debris, grass, weeds, and obstructions. This part of the system also has a coil that needs to be able to function effectively. Use your water hose or some good old fashioned elbow grease to keep it clean.

Summary Regarding Energy Savings

There are no get rich by saving illusians here, but if you will take the time to do what has been recommended, you could see energy savings and utility bills up to 15% lower. Imagine, however, what savings regular full system maintenance, repairs, tune-ups, or a new air conditioning system would bring? A quick telephone call to Empire Heating & Air Conditioning at 404-294-0900 could be all that is needed to begin your home cost-cutting. Why not give it a try?

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