Promising New Solar Power Technology Inexpensive, Much Cheaper Than Coal

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A new solar power technology is beginning to make waves inside the energy industry. Sometimes we hear about new solar power info and simply shake our heads; but, not this time. It appears real.

The Spin Cell/V3Solar

The Spin Cell for solar power (being perfected by V3Solar) truly seems viable in producing energy 3 times cheaper than existing solar technology and at 2/3 the cost of retail electricity (per David Roberts).  We’re talking 8 cents per kWh or less. This is solar power on steroids!

Experts in the energy field acknowledge that this new method could and should be a game changer for 2 key reasons. First, the Spin Cell incorporates simple common sense and efficiency. Unlike standard solar panels, it is cone-shaped as opposed to flat, so it can capture direct sunlight all day long from every angle or arc. This concept is so simple that it has been almost overlooked for years.

Secondly, traditional solar panels must be made out of special heat-resistant materials since the lens used to multiply and direct the sunlight energy create extreme heat (concentrating solar panels, CPV). Contrarily, the new Spin Cell focuses the light on inexpensive silicon PV, and literally spins to maintain a lower temperature. This is common sense in action.

Furthermore, this new solar technology is not just a bunch of talk. Its claims have been verified by independent consultant Bill Clever and his technical review report. In effect, as Mr. Roberts states, this could shake up the energy world.

New Solar Power: Brief Conclusion

The world is changing and so are our energy needs. This new solar power info might be the next major breakthrough that society and industry have been yearning for, on the path for less expensive and clean energy production.

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