Multiple Thermostats Provide System Zoning

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What is system zoning? Fair question. “Zoning” or “system zoning” means to more closely isolate or target different areas of your home (or business/organization building) to remain at specific but differing temperatures. But, why?

Standard Heating/Air Systems Aren’t Perfect

Standard heating and air conditioning systems function based upon one central thermostat and one overall temperature setting. The problem is that different areas of the home or building, therefore, are always at different temperatures. Why? Easy.

For one thing, heat rises. So, upper floors will always be warmer than lower ones. Common sense. Right? Secondly, rooms exposed to a lot of sunlight will by necessity remain warmer than other rooms. Depending upon insulation and door and window tightness, the problems are often compounded.

Another matter, why waste air conditioning or heat in rooms that are not used very much? Guest rooms and storage rooms do not need to remain comfortable at all times. Why should they drain resources?

Zoning Eliminates Problems

System zoning cures all of these problems and woes. Each area or room can be set to precise temperatures exactly as desired. It also does something else that is perhaps more important than anything: It is more efficient, thereby lowering energy costs.

The United States Department Of Energy calculates that zoning properly lowers heating and air conditioning bills by up to 30%. In essence, greater comfort is provided at lower monthly costs. It’s cost effective.

The initial startup cost of retro-fitting the home/building to multiple programmable thermostats for zoning is by far offset by energy savings over time. Also, the United States Federal Government sometimes provides assistance and dampering systems to help out. (However, this is NOT a do-it-yourself project, sorry.)

System Zoning Today

Why not contact Empire Heating & Air Conditioning today to examine your system zoning options? In both the short-run and long-run, you’ll be glad that you did. Increased comfort at a lower cost is a great deal.

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