Scheduling Furnace/Heater Maintenance

You care about your home and will do anything to make sure your investment is protected, right? If so, do not fall into the all too common trap of failing to maintain your HVAC system. Having worked in this industry for many years, Empire HVAC has received hundreds of wintertime calls from homeowners who decided it would be a good idea to wait until the last minute to have their system serviced. Do yourself a big favor and have a full furnace maintenance assessment performed while the weather is still pleasant.

Autumn and spring are two crucial times of year for inspecting for and repairing any potential problems. Why? These are the respective heating and cooling off-seasons. You would not want to wait until mid-July to fix a faulty air conditioner, nor would you want to sit waiting for a technician in a cold home during early December.

Save Big on a New Home Heating System

The Atlanta HVAC specialists at Empire HVAC are currently offering super savings on furnaces, so hurry up and take advantage of them while they are available. Not only will you save money on a device you are going to need no matter what, upgrading a new heating system now will guarantee your family is warm and safe this winter!

Atlanta homeowners will receive a comprehensive HVAC tune-up from one of our licensed technicians. The cost goes down for each additional heating system installed at the same address (common in larger homes and commercial buildings). The tune-up includes a thermostat calibration as well as an inspection of the furnace burner, heat exchanger, flue level, pilot light and all of the electrical connections. Customers that purchase a new furnace will also receive a complementary high-efficiency air filter or Wi-Fi thermostat! Simply tell the on-site technician which one you prefer, and feel free to ask him or her about their personal recommendation.

We are so confident that completing a tune up will provide dependable operation throughout the winter, we guarantee it. In the event that your Atlanta HVAC system fails after we have completed a tune up, we will automatically credit the cost of the tune-up from the final repair bill. Despite the reasons for the failure, we feel it only fair to assure our customers that they are in the right hands.

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