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Is Radiant Flooring for You?

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 12:22 pm on January 29, 2015

Radiant Flooring

As far as discomfort goes, few things compare to stepping onto a cold bathroom floor upon waking up in the morning. The chill is enough to make any of us cringe!

To this we offer an inexpensive solution that will stop you from wearing fuzzy slippers around the house once and for all,  and can also give your home’s equity a notable boost — radiant floor heating. (more…)

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Why the Team at Empire Heating and Air Appreciates You

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 1:15 am on January 27, 2015

Thank You

The team at Empire Heating and Air is proud to celebrate another great year. As we enter into 2015, we would like to reflect on the work that we did in 2014 and how happy we are to have considerably expanded our client base in the process.

Since our company first got its start in the heating and cooling industry 30 years ago, we have been committed to providing nothing short of the highest quality service at a great rate.

Regardless of the size of the job, whether that means a small, one-off residential repair call or a large-scale, commercial installation, our technicians take pride in what they do and always strive to leave the client fully satisfied. To see our staff reflect the values that Empire Heating and Air was founded upon on a daily basis is rewarding in and of itself, and a testament to the professional culture we aim to embrace.  (more…)

Signs That Your Water Heater Is Going Bad

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 10:35 am on January 15, 2015

Water Heater Replacement Tips

As much as you would hope, your home’s water heater is not going to last forever. Even the newer tankless models wear out eventually, and it is always a good idea to detect the signs of failure before things get bad. Needless to say, conventional tank-equipped water heaters pose greater safety hazards when on their last leg, particularly since they house a constant, large supply of water at all times.

Imagine coming home to a flooded basement. That is exactly what can happen if you avoid the noticeable symptoms for too long. To avoid the hassle, the headache and the damage on your wallet, here are the tell-tale signs of a water heater that should be replaced ASAP! (more…)

Tips to Selecting a Furnace for Your Home

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 9:27 am on January 13, 2015


Furnace OverviewMost modern homes use central heating systems for their main source of heat in place of the wood burners and fireplaces that were once found in the majority of residential and commercial properties. Furnace technology has evolved over the last few decades, producing many new-age devices designed for maximum energy-efficiency without hindering overall performance output.

To keep costs down and to simplify the installation process, there are numerous central heating AC systems on the market. The convenience and effectiveness of these combination devices has made them commonplace, but even then, it can be difficult to decide which type to buy when upgrading.  (more…)

Potential Costs of Freon Leaks

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 11:40 am on December 30, 2014

Freon Leaks

There are many reasons why your HVAC system may not be keeping you as cool and comfortable as before. One possible culprit could be a leak in your system. Although your HVAC system is sealed, over time it is possible for materials to break down and for leaks to occur. Only a seasoned HVAC contractor can determine the cause of your system’s inability to function properly and how much it will cost you to repair or replace your system. (more…)

Checklist Items To Consider Before Beginning an HVAC Renovation

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 10:03 am on December 26, 2014

HVAC Checklist

The HVAC system in your home or place of business is designed to give you a safe and comfortable indoor environment. It’s time to consider replacing it when it can no longer maintain the right temperature and you find yourself paying for heating and cooling repairs more often.

You should also consider replacing your system if it’s more than 10 years old. Modern HVAC systems are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. You end up paying lower utility bills each month and decreasing your carbon footprint at the same time. Below are some things you can expect and should prepare for before, during and after the installation of your new HVAC system. (more…)

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