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10 Surprising Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 11:47 am on June 25, 2015

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Did you skip out on spring cleaning this year? No worries, there’s still time to get it done! One aspect of spring cleaning and maintenance that some homeowners overlook is HVAC maintenance. Without having necessary annual HVAC inspections and preventative maintenance done, you could end up with poor indoor air quality in your Atlanta home. In fact, there are a few sources of poor indoor air quality that just might surprise you. (more…)

Empire HVAC Explains: Why is My Air Conditioner Frozen?

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 1:43 pm on June 10, 2015

Frozen Air Conditioner

During the hot summer months in Atlanta, you are more likely to run into air conditioning problems. If you notice that your home is not cooling fast enough, know that there are several reasons why this could occur. One of common causes that people seem to overlook is a frozen air conditioning unit. It may be difficult to imagine how it could freeze in the hot summer months, but it happens more than you think. (more…)

How Can I Save Money on Energy Bills While I Am Traveling?

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 11:56 am on June 2, 2015

Saving Money on Energy Bills

Who doesn’t like taking a nice vacation every once in awhile? Getting away from the daily work grind is a refreshing way to get back in touch with what really matters. Before you go traveling to a far-off paradise, remember to keep things under control on the home front.

Every year, thousands of homeowners forget to properly manage their¬†Atlanta HVAC systems prior to departing, only to come home to an energy bill that could have been far less had they taken the time to implement a few easy tricks. Here is some helpful and cost-saving advice from your friends at Empire Heating and Air. (more…)

Empire HVAC Explains: Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 2:37 pm on May 28, 2015

Air Conditioning Leaks

When you discover water leaking from your air conditioner, you may seem at a loss for what to do. Oftentimes the dehumidifying process of the air conditioner can cause condensation, but leaking water is different than that. There are many factors that can cause a leak, and many of them need to be addressed quickly in order to keep the appliance working efficiently. Don’t try to fix it yourself; it is better to leave air conditioning repair to the Atlanta air conditioning professionals who are experienced with this type of air conditioner problems. (more…)

How to Prevent the Effects of Springtime Allergies in Your Home

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 11:28 am on May 27, 2015

Springtime Indoor Air Quality

Springtime allergies are a huge problem that many people know all too well. Preventing indoor allergens is one of the most common concerns expressed to Atlanta air conditioning repair companies. Therefore, we are going to talk about some simple steps for preventing springtime allergies and improving the indoor air quality in Atlanta homes. (more…)

Residential vs. Commercial HVAC Systems

Posted by Empire HVAC Blog at 12:23 pm on May 26, 2015

Residential vs Commercial HVAC Systems

As any¬†Atlanta air conditioning repair company will tell you, having the right equipment for a job is just as important as getting the right price and finding a quality contractor. While there are some common fundamentals when it comes to residential HVAC systems versus commercial HVAC systems, they are not the same. Therefore, it’s vital that you only hire highly-trained HVAC technicians before you proceed with your next project. Otherwise, you could be headed for disaster. (more…)

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