Heat Pumps

Heat pump systems offer year-round flexibility and efficiency. With relatively mild winters, heat pumps are perfect for Atlanta homeowners because they can warm your home at reasonably low electricity rates. Heat pumps work well in providing you consistent heat in the winter and cool comfort in the summer.

Compared to a conventional gas furnace, heat pumps are significantly easier to install, which means quicker service and lower installation costs for your family. Heat pumps require no gas piping, flue vents or combustion air provisions. Heat pumps may also be installed with a gas furnace to create a hybrid system that can heat with natural gas or electricity.

American Standard has long manufactured the top-rated heat pumps, which also double as the quietest and most dependable units on the market today. Empire Heating and Air Conditioning recommends American Standard heat pumps as our top line for central system installation.

Before you decide which heat pump model is best for your home, you should consider three important factors: comfort, efficiency, and price. Need help finding the make or model that meets those needs? Empire HVAC is committed to helping you select the right equipment for your home or office. Heat Pumps are very much like air conditioners, with the added bonus of remaining dependable in rugged conditions.

Read about our most popular American Standard Brand Heat Pumps:

Clean Green Comfort SystemAccuComfort Platinum 20 | Heat Pump Installation Atlanta | Empire HVACAccuComfort™ Platinum 20 Heat Pump

The AccuComfort™ Platinum 20 Variable Speed Heat Pump comes with advanced heating technology that maintains comfortable indoor temperatures with a variable-speed heating and cooling system. This system automatically adjusts to offer hassle-free and efficient operation. Best of all, the AccuComfort™ Platinum 20 Variable Speed Heat Pump is extremely quiet and is compatible with Nexia home automation systems. Comes with built-in zone control.



Clean Green Comfort SystemGold 17 | Heat Pump Products & Installation | Empire HVAC AtlantaGold 17 Heat Pump

With a two-stage compressor system, the Gold 17 Heat Pump runs hard when you need it most and conveniently lowers speed and energy use when the weather is mild. This allows for superior humidity control and excellent compatibility with zone control systems. The system includes AccuLink™ connectivity that is fully compatible with Nexia home automation tools for smartphone operation.



Clean Green Comfort SystemSilver 16 Heat Pump Installation | Indoor Heating Products | Empire Heating & Air Conditioning AtlantaSilver 16 Heat Pump

This popular residential model offers excellent efficiency at an even better value. Plus, this unit is built to last, offering years’ worth of reliable, low-maintenance usage. With a high-powered single-stage heating system, this unit offers quiet operation and great year-round savings. Also compatible with the Nexia home automation control systems.



Silver 14 Heat Pump | Heating Unit Installation Atlanta | Empire HVAC

Silver 14 Heat Pump

This unit offers maximum reliability at an unbeatable cost. The Silver 14 Heat Pump is a popular and affordable choice for homeowners looking for a modestly priced unit that can produce year after year. The unit also comes standard with Nexia home automation compatibility.