How Duct Leakage Affects Indoor Air Quality

Duct Leakage Problems for Atlanta Residents

HVAC duct leakage in Atlanta is the subtle air conditioning and heating problem that does secret damage with not-so-secret effects. Seven of ten homes have severe duct leakage. That is right, 70% of buildings are wasting energy (generally about 17% each) and are supplying their occupants with less than clean air. Remember: duct leakage affects indoor air quality negatively.

Inspecting Duct Leakage Atlanta

In many cases, simply having a professional HVAC service technician at Empire Heating and Air Conditioning to inspect and seal and reconnect or replace ductwork can correct the common problem of energy loss, and improve the quality of indoor air being re-circulated from the attic, basement, rooms, and elsewhere.

Particles, dust, allergens, combustion byproducts, radon, humidity, pesticides, and mold all are associated with duct leakage in the Atlanta area. Duct leakage plays a big part in the transmission of all of these items.

Servicing Duct Leakage Atlanta

Your HVAC system should run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, which means having airtight ductwork, quality filters and quality equipment. For Empire Heating and Air Conditioning to check the ductwork and repair is a lot less expensive for you than doing nothing, and then needing larger repairs due to a cluttered unit in the future. You, your friends and your family’s health should also be considered, even in the short-run.